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December 26, 2012
Podaa Podi is vibrant, colorful and different than other Tamil movies. It's a story a lot of people can relate too and I liked some of the dialogues between the husband and the wife. I found that the male dominance was too obvious however and I didn't expect otherwise from a Simbu movie to be honest. He puts girls and women in a bad light in his movies most of the time and this movie isn't any different. The message is: women listen to your husband, because he is right. It's a real shame that the movie took this path, because otherwise it would have gotten really good ratings.
The performances of Simbu and Varalaxmi, who made her debut with this movie, were good. I dislike Simbu in general, but I do accept that he is a good dancer and he shows his dancing talents in this movie. His voice is so annoying though and I hate his typical arrogant attitude. Varalaxmi's performance was really good, but I hated her voice. I'm not sure if it is her original voice though.
In short: good dialogues, average direction, different story, but male dominant moral of the story, good dance performances and a cliche and stupid ending.
½ December 24, 2012
Worst movie of 2012, just drags on with boring yes or no plot line. Really no sense of direction. If they had made just last 30 mins the whole movie it would have been much better!
November 17, 2012
Movie :- poda podi
Language :- Tamil
Cast :- Simbu, Varu, VTV ganesh, Shobana
Genre :- Rom com
Similar to :- fools rush in,Shall we dance,unnale unnale or any other flick of late jeeva

Rom coms have a license that other genres cannot afford. For starters, they need not necessarily have a strong story. they

need not make you bite your nails eagerly waiting for something sensational to unfold. They promise very little so you are

rarely disappointed whatever the outcome is. They do not arrogantly demand your attention instead they try to steal it in a

cute way. There are no terrorists or wild gun chases but the little chats that happen over the coffee table and break ups

for no reason happen to be the most important moments in the film so every scene has to produce laughs and the screenplay

has very little margin for error.
This is where poda podi scores. Ek main aur ek tu, cocktail, goa are some of the rom coms i watchd in the recent

past so i walked in with low expectations. The film is very predictable and you see what is coming from a mile but rom coms

are about how it happens and not what happens.Simbu is in his usual elements here-romance dancing singing. Love panlama

venama, shot in an interesting fashion, happens to be his intro song. He fits into the role like a glove and remains the

heart of the film. The narration reminds us of gautham menon films where the hero constantly keeps telling us,in the

background, his views on what is happening out there. It helps you travel with the character though you get to see only one

side of the story. The first thing we notice about the heroine is her manly irritating voice but it slowly grows on you.

Finally we get to see a movie about dance where both of them are actually good dancers. We know about simbu but Varu is a

pleasant surprise. Its a movie where only two ppl occupy every frame. The debutant director does a commendable job in

making sure we invest in both the characters. Some scenes fall flat but the screenplay makes sure you do not lose interest

in the film. VTV ganesh takes care of the comedy and not a single song is out of place. The music is typical of simbu

films. Simbu keeps referring to his previous films or characters almost every second scene but he doesnt go overboard and

its enjoyable. The movie is around just 2 hours long and there is a lot of positive energy and freshness in its treatment.

So, in a nutshell :- A perfect Rom-com for the evening with a cold coffee and pop corn.
½ November 14, 2012
Nice youth entertainer. Ganesh comedy scenes gives more enjoyable in screen. Cinematography and songs are noticeable in this movie. Surely this movie will be part of simbu's hit movies list
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