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½ October 16, 2010
Great TV Movie Based On A True Story, Involving A Series Of Arson Attacks In 80's California
September 18, 2010
Good story based on a true situation where a fire investigator turns out to be a serial arsonist. Not the fastest moving movie but then it fits with the story.
½ November 13, 2009
Interesting watch. Based on a true story, that is kind of awful if this happend in real life. However if there wont ever come a follow up on this movie I would be dissapointed.
½ October 14, 2009
Based on true story this film is interesting to watch. Good acting from the cast but felt storyline could have been tidier as at times became a bit artistic and confusing.
January 30, 2009
not a bad movie but the end was well weird, if this is a true story then i understand they can't change what happens...(much) but i think i missed the twist (if there was a twist) similar to the denzel washington film 'out of time' but with fire! used a lot of firefighters termanolgy which was good, had some very cool scenes but i need to watch the ending again it just ended out of nowhere leaving you unfulfilled

fav quote - "if his the torch then he is not one of us"
August 17, 2008
Not bad. Good for a made for tve flick.
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