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½ August 19, 2015
There's a few good individual scenes in this toilsome story of a singer, especially the opening credits which give the impression this film will be good. It's anything but with a dull story of someone trying to make it in the industry through manipulation. Throw into the mix some dream sequences and you're never quite sure what's what.
½ September 11, 2014

"No money, no career, only death."-Andrea (Dyanne Thorne)

Tripping ending.

Super Reviewer
March 26, 2014
A studly Tom Jones-ish singer hooks up with a busty music mogul who promises to help his career. A trashy music biz melodrama that for some reason was marketed as a horror film. I missed the point.
December 11, 2013
Boring story with hardly no terror and a really cheap end. The characters are bland and most of the scenes are slow.
September 20, 2012
Peter Carpenter performed like Elvis in his movie Point of Terror with good dance moves and music
September 12, 2012
Any resemblance to a horror film is entirely unintentional.
January 11, 2012
When the great Drive-In Classics used to be around they had a clip of Peter Carpenter singing his terrible lounge act from Point of Terror in one of their stingers. I made a mental note of its awfulness but never knew what movie it was from. I never caught it on the air but thought if I ever found it I was probably in for something really special. Well after hunting it down & seeing it Point of Terror is some kinda of terrible special. As the opening credits rolls & Peter Carpenter decked out in a hideous red tasseled outfit belted away @ a song that Tom Jones would blow his fucking brains out if he had to sing my eyes grew wide @ the train wreck I was about to endure. Only starring in 3 movies this film killed Peter Carpenter's career & rightfully so. It's a bad movie sleaze Mecca. For those who like them so bad they're good (or @ least highly watchable) get out the cutlery & dig in. Dinner is served @ the Lobster House
½ February 4, 2005
I do want to get married someday, you know. But for me to do that, I've got three requests.

1. It would have to be in Canada (apparently).

2. I would have to be dragged to the altar by a runaway motorcycle. (If this is not arrangable, I would accept skydiving.)

3. I would like to be married by Dyanne Thorne, former star of [i]Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS[/i], who performs weddings in Vegas. (Alternate celebrity licenced ministers include John Waters, Hammer and the guy who played Dudley on "Diff'rent Strokes")

These three reasons are part of why I'm still single, but the last one I'm a stickler for. Thorne only made a handful of films, but she's best known for her portrayal as the Butcher of Buchwald, who does very nasty things to men and women involving cattle prods and creating orafices in places where there were never meant to be orafices.

[i]Point of Terror[/i] is one of those handful of films, and one of the few non-Ilsa like roles of the bunch. But don't worry, she's still a bitch (unlike her portrayal of James Belushi's transsexual stepfather in [i]Real Men[/i]), so there's still some fun to be had.

Peter Carpenter plays Tony, a crummy lounge singer trying to make a career for himself as a crummy pop singer. (Actually, the film may be trying to portay him as a good singer, but I calls 'em as I sees 'em.) Enter Andrea (Thorne), who owns a record label with her wheelchair-bound husband. The two hit it off immediately and Andrea promises Tony big things.

Things take a turn when Andrea's hubby croaks in the pool and Andrea becomes more of a bitch than ever. Tony tries to get her to marry him, but she can't be bothered with such frivolities and Tony resorts to wooing her daughter instead. This works well, and the two plan a life together, even though the now-jealous Andrea has plans of her own.

It's crap, sure, with a bland plot and no real twists, but it's oddly entertaining. The acting is bad, the music is terrible, but Thorne and her boobaliciously tight outfits mixed with Tony's equally tight pants and see-through shirts (ugh!) give it a goofy charm made even goofier by the silly music montages featuring Tony's "hit" tunes.

There's no terror and even less point, but I kept watching [i]Point of Terror[/i] even as it got progressively dumber. It's one of those hypnotically bad movies that's just greasy and inept enough to be worth a viewing. Plus, Dyanne Thorne! Wearing really tight outfits and acting bitchy! You really can't miss.

Well, okay, you can. I can't justify recommending it, but I enjoyed it anyway, and a "5" ranking puts it in the same league as [i]Orgy of the Dead[/i] and The [i]Passion of the Christ[/i], so that seems fair. It's from the director of public domain staple [i]The Screaming Skull[/i], and how can a movie directed by a guy who make something called [i]The Screaming Skull[/i] be all that bad?

Don't answer that.
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