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½ July 28, 2012
Extremely charming, it has found its own way. The end is very lovely indeed. Very different to what I've seen before and I love it!
½ April 10, 2011
thought this would be terrible but infact its quite sweet. Got funnier once the ghosts began to help MArc
½ January 10, 2010
comédie anecdotique mais sympathique
June 14, 2009
Emma and Marc, two young lovers, move into a house which has been uninhabited for thirty years. What they don't know is that in 1979, in a cave under the house, there was a gay disco, which burned down when a foam machine short-circuited, and five bodies were never found. Today, the house is haunted by five gay ghosts. However, only Marc is able to see them, and his visions drive Emma away. The ghosts, touched by Marc's problems, do everything in their power to help him get his girl back.
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½ June 1, 2009
For a ridiculous, high-concept comedy... this still isn't good enough. Poltergay has good intentions, but I don't appreciate the way all five gay (ghost) characters are camp, mincing fairies, who all love interior decorating, makeovers and ironing. What a demonstration of diversity! This would be bad enough, but the comedy is rarely funny, the story makes light of serious issues and the film doesn't even have internal logic and there are a couple of giant plot holes. It's quite sweet in parts and Clovis Comillac is a decent lead (though none of the other actors make an impression), and the overall message is a positive one... but it doesn't succeed as a comedy, or a drama, and certainly not a horror, and the gimmick gets tiring after 20 minutes.
½ April 13, 2009
Ca commence tres lentement, mais la fin est plutot drole.
April 9, 2009
This must be so hilarious. How come I've never heard of it?!
½ April 7, 2009
je surnote un peu, l'idée etant assez sympa
March 8, 2009
I was expecting this to be a one joke concept that would flag after twenty minutes. I was pleased to be proved wrong, it was a lot more fun than I would have imagined. Loved the new version of Patrick Hernandez' Born to Be Alive!
November 2, 2008
Funny and at times moving. Not a great one but one for a little chuckle here and there and some disco music.
October 29, 2008
A well made, amusing film. A lot of thought went into this film, which could easily become another one of those camp cult movies. Don't expect this film to be hilarious, but you'll be chuckling for quite a bit of the film!
September 21, 2008
It's a bit cliched but it's funny
August 29, 2008
delire lol.une bonne petit comedie sympa
July 30, 2008
The movie was funny, some funny quotes. I liked it :)
July 20, 2008
Cute. Funny. Although my French isn't good enough to have caught enough of the dialog (no English subtitles), it was about what I expected it to be.
June 11, 2008
Had some funny bits and clever moments but overall, forgettable.
½ April 20, 2008
ah. i exchanged my hmv voucher for this movie, what a waste of 25bucks. story evolves around a str8 guy who tries to drive away 5 gay ghosts in his house. expectable plot, little effort to carve out all the characters, weird logic: str8 pple can see the gay ghosts, women and men who likes men cant. if you want the dvd, i can give it to you.
April 19, 2008
It's strangely funny and quite entertaining.
½ April 17, 2008
very entertaining, i thought this movie was gonna be hilarious.
but not very dissapointed tho' cuz it was funny. i mean the idea itself was already intriguing and funny! i love the part when one of the ghosts said 'wow my ex is a mayor now' hahaha
½ April 6, 2008
hey, this movie is better than I thought, very funny
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