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½ April 28, 2016
Great movie, prepare your hankchief
September 29, 2013
Amazing Breathtaking performance such a young child. God bless her so that she wasn't affected negatively by the movie. I wish her well.
August 18, 2013
one of the few times ive cried during a movie.
January 10, 2013
this little girl is absolutely amazing. the best female performance i've seen in a very long time!
December 30, 2012
This rare gem is one of the best films I've seen and a treasure among my top ten selection. 5 year old (at the time of filming) actress Victoire Thivisol won the Volpi Cup Best Actress Award at the Venice Film Festival for her role as Ponette.

The subtlety and tenderness of this film is a wonder to behold. I completely forgot that I was watching a movie. I felt I was glimpsing the world of a small child, remembering echoes of myself at that age. The power of this film is not in the story so much as it is in experiencing Ponette's experience with her. It leaves the viewer real and vulnerable, the heart cracked wide open. Makes me wish i could summon 10 stars.
December 12, 2012
The only time I have ever been brought as hard to my knees in tears as I have by Victoire Thivisol's performance was when my own father passed away. The sheer emotional weight that this girl carries was a little draining for me as I was not used to it, but it is impossible to take your eyes of this painful story and the extraordinary performance.
November 8, 2012
An awesome piece of film-making from Doillon, who resolutely refuses to move from the children's perspectives. Heart-breaking at times and with a resolution that perhaps gritter movie fans will feel aggrieved at (without wanting to give any spoilers), it nevertheless remains my absolute favourite move ever.
May 16, 2012
Most beautiful movie I've ever seen.
April 16, 2012
Recommended by TableTalk magazine, Keith Mathison
February 5, 2012
The most heartbreaking movie I have ever seen. :-( Excellent movie.
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½ January 29, 2012
I have no idea how Jacques Doillon managed to get such sincere performances out of 4 year old children (especially Victoire Thivisol) but Bravo Jacques, Bravo!
½ December 12, 2011
The kind of intimate drama that stops you in your tracks and leaves you marveling at the magnificence of the human soul. The performances are impeccable, I'm amazed how they were able to pull off this ensemble of 4-year olds. The most impressing movie I've seen all year. It's on Netflix Instant. Watch it.
½ December 10, 2011
The touching, not sappy or pretentious, story of a little girl who is trying to cope with the death of a parent. Wonderful performances by the children. Strongly recommended.
October 19, 2011
How? How? How does such a little girl of only 4 manage to give such a mature, stellar, heart rending performance remains a big mystery to me. This movie will make you travel an emotional journey like no other movie could. The performances, screenplay, cinematography, et al will make you remember this movie for a very long time to come. Of course, the one area which is bemusing is the sudden appearance of Ponette's mother at the end. And another area which I didn't like very much is the religious references which crop up more often than needed. But all said and done, I will forever remain indebted to the makers of this masterpiece. Cinema at its best. Watch it and get drenched in your own tears albeit with ecstasy!
August 28, 2011
Saddest movie I ever saw.
July 20, 2011
It is impossible to not project myself into this movie since I was also involved in a car accident with my father at the same age... Luckily, after months of battles against the death, he survived. Today, I am 40 and he is still alive. In this movie, Ponette is a 4-year-old girl who loses her mother in a car accident she was with her. Then, she finds herself among different people with different believes. So, she doesn't know what to think or to do... The only thing she needs is to get together with her mother. That's all she needs.
July 11, 2011
I loved this movie...it made me cry
July 5, 2011
A very thoughtful, moving, and beautifully directed French film about a little girl grieving over her mother's death. The 4 year old lead's performance is some of the most powerful acting I've seen by an actress of any age.

Aside from some disturbingly cruel and creepy behaviour by the other children and one clunky scene towards the end, the movie is easy to watch. It's realistic, sensitive, observant, and insightful about childhood - not at all the depressing slog its premise suggests.
½ June 27, 2011
The kids, especially the main character, in this movie are absolutely brilliant. I cried like a baby through most of the movie. There was a bit too much God talk in the movie - I guess the director was trying to get a point across. And I do wish that the ending had been presented differently.
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½ June 16, 2011
Victoire Thivisol gives such an amazing performance for such a young actress. I really loved the emotion protrayed in this film and the story was well-written. The director really brought it to life realistically I think... except for the end which went against everything in the beginning that people don't come back to life, except Jesus, until the rapture when everyone is resurrected. I really liked how the aunt was comforting Ponette but the other people in the movie who talked about God really got on my nerves... especially Ada, the girl on the playground. One of the best French films I've seen! :-)
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