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Poolhall Junkies Quotes

  • Mike: You had Phil shaking like a dog shitting peach seeds.

  • Johnny Doyle: Bet twenty thousand! Oh, did I stutter? Everybody gone all quiet and shit? About a minute ago it was like an evening at the Apollo up in this motherfucker, now all of a sudden it's quiet as a church.

  • Johnny Doyle: No. See, I just paid five-thousand dollars for your shot. Now it's my shot.

  • Johnny Doyle: But Merv, I didn't say I would tell you where you'd bought 'em, I said I'd tell you where you got 'em, and right now you got your shoes on your feet.

  • Joe: You beat them, you take their money, you call them names to their faces... and they love you. I don't know how you do it. I never saw anything like it. Beating a man out of his money, that's easy. Anybody can do that. But beating a man out of his money and making him like it... that's an art. That's an art of a true hustler.

  • Mike: Now... don't beat him. Kick his ass!

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