The Pope of Greenwich Village Reviews

June 17, 2015
The Pope Of Greenwich Village benefits immensely from Rosenberg's decision to film on location in Little Italy, which gives every scene a lived-in feel.
July 20, 2008
Never amounts to much.
December 2, 2007
Mickey Rourke at the height of his powers.
October 6, 2005
A colorful, funny and very authentic slice of New York City street life. One of the most underrated, overlooked films of the 1980s.
July 16, 2005
April 3, 2005
A fantastic flick from stem to stern; Penn & Roberts are just flawless together.
October 23, 2004
This movie is not really about anything except behavior, and the only human drama in it is the story of the safecracker and his family. That doesn't mean it's not worth seeing. The behavior is well-observed.
March 9, 2004
A gangster story with an odd Horatio Alger point-of-view. It's nonsense, but it's nonsense with some unpredictability and a conman's easy style.
February 13, 2004
September 19, 2003