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½ February 20, 2014
There's something kind of incredible about this film even though I don't really know what it is. Many scenes seem to have nothing to do with one another and don't come together linearly or in meaning. We can pick up on some of the motifs here, such as childhood vs adulthood, but even then we aren't able to decide what exactly is meant. Scenes are always visually stunning and we never forget that we're watching a piece of art. Your enjoyment of this movie depends on how much you're willing to accept it for what it is. I think it's a beautiful, one-of-a-kind, challenging piece, even though I wish it would come together a little more for me.
I do enjoy movies like this, I'm not just liking it out of pure admiration. It's exciting for me to watch films like this stretch the boundaries of their art form.
½ February 5, 2014
I didn't know it beforehand, but about half way through the film, I just kept thinking about Battle in Heaven. Well, as it turns out, the two films share the same director. In Battle in Heaven though, despite too much heart, there was an incredible amount of wickedness present. That was almost all gone in Post Tenebras Lux, resulting in a film that is too sincere for its own sake.
January 21, 2014
Look. You don't have to like "Post Tenebras Lux"; it levels with you early on its campy freakiness. "FUCKING WHAT" is all I kept thinking to myself watching it -- and by the end, audibly said -- and that's about as much a review as writer-director (I guess there was a script?) Carlos Reygadas wants and would expect from any given person. You thought "To The Wonder" played like a Terrence Malick parody? Try "Lux" on for bizarro size. You're in or you're out. Something this abstract and avant garde, there's not much of a window for even standalone appreciation but doesn't connect.

Okay, naysayers out? Huddle up and listen close. I loved "Post Tenebras Lux". I love pretty much all movies like this; tough to seek out, and even tougher to comprehend. "Lux" puts "Upstream Color" to shame in terms of knotty mosaics. Or at least I think. It basically boils down to whether or not you have, not only the patience to watch this, but how much enjoyment you derive from seeing random strange images, "characters" you have to describe in quotes, and scenes that repeat and overlap as visual paradoxes unto themselves. Pretentious? Yeah, I guess. The better it sits with you the more you'll want to lick that phrase, though.

"Post Tenebras Lux" translates literally as "after darkness light". I don't know if there should be a comma after "darkness". That's maybe too much of a segregation. And Reygadas, he's anything but classifiable, the keeper of his own crypt of optic, unforgettable rhythm. (84/100)
January 16, 2014
Experimental with a random narrative from different perspective which at times was pretty confusing. Beautiful cinematography though, and decent acting too. But I just couldn't engage with any of the character, thus the story fell flat to me.
January 11, 2014
what the ..? dig the peripheral camera effects. strange and affecting.
January 7, 2014
What's with the chess here? Black checks White ignoring he's in check himself. A masterful image by Reygadas, meaning Reality is there to be trespassed.
½ December 25, 2013
begs you to love it nearly as much as its DP does
December 20, 2013
Amazing opening scene but its totally unwatchable and too experimental movie.
½ December 8, 2013
This could have been interesting, but then you decided to show a dog being beaten violently for no reason. Fuck this movie.
½ December 7, 2013
I'm cool with not understanding this movie because it is never dull, even its longest, quietest, most contemplative sequences. It's gorgeous and strange and frustrating and suggestive and frightening. It's even hard on the eyes. Many parts of the film employ a lens that focuses only in the very middle while the edges are rounded and break the image up into concentric circles. It literally made my eyes burn. And yet I'm not complaining. There's a loose story about a man with with a wife and two small children and a problem with rage. There's a sequence of animal abuse that absolutely bars this film from those who can't put some aesthetic distance between their empathy for animals and art's use of their abuse. There's a bright read silhouette of a devil (with both a penis and a tail) carrying a toolbox. There's the most shocking suicide I've ever seen on film. There's an amazingly charming three or four year old girl. I think I've talked myself into making sure this goes on my list of best films I've seen this year (2013).
½ November 29, 2013
a lyrical portrait of light and darkness made into an experimental narrative where you need to look past the pieces to realize the whole. As if Bela Tarr made TREE OF LIFE in Mexico.
November 4, 2013
Prirovnanie k Stromu zivota je bohapusta trufalost
September 13, 2013
Más que una película, es una experiencia cinematográfica que utiliza el medio para expresarse.

La historia de una familia que se muda al campo solo será entretenida para una persona, en la medida que se adopte la visión del Director como propia lo cual es difícil en parte debido a la estructura narrativa
La fotograf√≠a es excelente a pesar del desconcierto que va causar el hecho de que est√° filmado en un radio de 4 √? 3 que, bueno es un tipo de cinematograf√≠a Interesante
September 4, 2013
Dat imagery tho. I was spellbound the entire 2 hours. As avant-garde as art house cinema gets. If that sounds up your alley, you will love it
September 1, 2013
One of the most boring films I've ever seen.

A little girl walks around cows for about 15 minutes, mumbling and then screaming words in spanish. What follows is just nonsense, more mind-numbing scenes like this, some are sequences of a horribly made CGI devil who seems to be coming home from work and an orgy in a steam room.

There are overrated directors whose work I'm not really a big fan of, like say Gaspar Noe, but yet I do appreciate their work to some level and highly anticipate their future work for its originality. I can't say the same of Carlos Reygadas, with this I will probably abstain from seeing any other film of his, I hate movies that make me suffer while watching them and this was just too much of that.

It reminded me of "To the Wonder", which I walked out of 20 minutes in this year, but I told myself not to do the same with this one, I had to stay and see if anything would happen, but nothing happened at all. Along with "Le Quattro Volte" this deserves to be on more lists of the most boring films of all time.

I couldn't find the point to this movie, I still can't and I probably never will.

I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, seriously don't waste your time (unless you liked "Le Quattro Volte".
½ August 19, 2013
What the fuck was that!?
½ August 4, 2013
What's the blur-rimmed camera supposed to be? The mind's eye?
½ July 31, 2013
El director Carlos Reygadas es pretencioso y lo sabe, lo interesante de Carlos es que hace cine pretencioso, experimental e inexplicable de una calidad excelente; mostrando varias facetas de la especie humana mediante un filme lleno de metaforas y escenas de ritmo letargico pero todo esto teniendo una funcion en el espectador. Cada sonido, movimiento y elemento de la escena es puesto alli para dar un mensaje. Y con Post Tenebras Lux vaya que batallarŠs entendiendo que demonios acabas de ver.
½ July 30, 2013
Being a fan of Reygadas' "Silent Light" my expectations were high, with this movie he shows beautiful images and presents a story that's a bit confusing. A perfect example for those "art films" haters.
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