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May 27, 2008
On one hand Uwe Boll continues to make crap. On another hand this movie was so bad I laughed at times just for the sheer stupidity.
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½ September 14, 2008
I can imagine this is a highly controversial film in the US haha its laden with very dark black humour and is possibly more filled with satire than Robocop, at least satire thats strong for this time. Black comedy is an understatement, this is down right pitch and pretty strange too.

Much like a real computer game or the actual game (which I have never played by the way) there isn't really any story for this film, just a couple of guys who need to steal a ton of cuddly dolls to make money, one to escape his shit hometown the other to pay of a huge tax bill. At the same time the Taliban wants the dolls too, and of course to blow up the western world. Its very weird and doesn't make any sense really, its just a long gun battle with many many deaths and typical cliched characters, but that doesn't mean this is a bad film.

The little sequences where Bin Laden chats with Bush are actually very good and quite genius :)
Boll has strong opinions here ;) much like a Michael Moore film there are so many references like this strewn throughout and the ending pretty much sums up the whole feel of the film and the real world to a degree...scary :( Whats more scary is the beginning of the film with a quite close to the bone sequence of an airliner being flown into a skyscraper hmmm :(
The cast are all unknown virtually and do an OK job, the main lead Ward is actually pretty good as a everyday guy who slowly becomes a gun totting 'Mad Max' style vigilante. There are plenty of sexy girls, Boll makes a cameo defending his films as himself, but ends up getting shot in the nuts haha numerous bizarre deaths with little or no consequences, and that includes babies and kids getting blown away or run over, cops with no morales etc...its just your everyday GTA style computer game on the big screen.

In that aspect Boll has made a very good film which could be the closest thing to a perfect computer game adaptation, its close to source material, its clearly made for the right age group and hasn't been watered down and it does actually look like a free roaming GTA style game.
The fact that it doesn't really make any sense and has no meaning doesn't really matter...its a film based on a violent computer game which has no real point to it accept to run around and kill people.
Depends how you look at it.
Very clever in places with strong yet clearly comicbook/computer game style violence and probably Bolls finest hour so far.
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June 10, 2010
Postal is a better film by director Uwe Boll. Postal is based on the controversial video game of the same name, and the film is politically incorrect. The film is pretty funny and does a good job at entertaining. Uwe Boll manages to direct a competent film, and it's not dreadful like Alone In The Dark, Bloodrayne, House Of The Dead and In The Name Of The King. A decent enough comedy with politically incorrect laughs to be had, Postal is a live action version of South Park.
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½ February 7, 2010
Congratulations Toilet Boll! Postal absolutely sucks! This is a shocker. Oh wait, no it isn't.This film may only be loosely based on the video game by the same name, but this monstrosity is so crappy that it still gives the game a bad name. This movie is not funny, not entertaining, and much too long. Seriously, the 1 hour 40 minutes feels like an eternity.The movie is supposed to be wacky and over the top, but this film still goes nowhere. Boll's attempt at humor is executed poorly in a story with plot holes, which shouldn't matter, but they do anyway. Boll just continues to find ways to disappoint.Zack Ward is unimpressive, Dave Foley has full frontal nudity, and J.K. Simmons lowers his reputation just by taking a role in this abomination. At least there are a handful of scantily clad women to look at. Their acting, on the other hand, is also "scantily clad." To top it all off, Toilet Boll actually appears as himself. As if this movie isn't bad enough, but now his face appears on the screen and his voice is heard.Postal is a picture that fails at every turn. Avoid it at all costs and move on.
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August 23, 2008
Not bad and actually funny at some points. Plenty of hot chicks barely dressed, plus a full frontal from Dave Foley. Has next to nothing to do with the game other than dictating props and settings used and some one-liners, but then again what the hell is the game about other than outrageous setting and props? Shows that Boll can make fun of himself. Worth a watch if you're looking for faux-edgy that is marginally better than mainstream comedy releases.
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½ April 7, 2009
Uwe Boll must be stopped
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May 19, 2008
Obviously, to say this is the best Uwe Boll film I've seen is faint praise. The thing is, it's still not very good. Boll's idea of comedy is very broad and not really executed in a way that is actually funny. The "cutting edge" sociopolitical humor could have been written by a ten year old. The saving grace is that the whole thing is like watching a train wreck.

Also, a must if you've ever wanted long, loving shots of full frontal Dave Foley.
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September 27, 2008
Looks like Boll can add comedy to genres he isn't any good at.
Sure it has a few chuckles but then the expression about monkeys and typewriters comes to mind.
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½ September 20, 2007
I'm not gonna lie, I was thoroughly entertained.
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½ September 13, 2008
A Uwe Boll film that isn't THAT bad? "Madness" you may think but it's actually true. Who would have believed it? So why isn't it that bad? Well first of all due to the recent decline in big comedies such as Love Guru, Meet Dave, Meet the Spartans etc. even Schindler's List seems funny at this point. Next the whole chaotic comedic nature of the film serves Boll a lot better than Horror or Action. He can be as stupid and nonsensical as he likes here. Boll also makes the genius step of lampooning himself. If you hate Boll's films you must see this just for his cameo segment where he claims he funds his movies with Nazi gold, declares that he is turned on by little children, gets into a fist fight with the creator of the Postal video game and then gets shot in the balls. Yes most of the humour comes from how outrageous the film can be, which does mean however when certain jokes do miss they simply become offensive. Still it's sadistically nice to see a mass shoot out where children are not immune to graphic gun shots. The film also has impressive production values so it looks a million times better than those shit awful spoof movies of late, not to mention some well cast comedic performances. Overall then this is a fair comedy, an okay film, but coming from Boll it's almost something of a masterpiece.
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½ January 17, 2008
Uwe Boll makes the leap from unintensional comedy to the deliberate kind, and the result is (lo and behold) nothing short of a flop. Altough this seems to have been made with a twinkle
in the eye, I couldn't ignore the fact that most of the gags were irritably cheap and unfunny. Add some of the worst directing imaginable to that fact, and you have a random mess of a movie that, despite being okay for the most part, should never have been made. So congratulations to Mr Boll, for once again failing to create something decent and worthwhile. Go figure!
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December 31, 2007
Not quite the uncomfortable guffaw-inducing guilty pleasure I was hoping it would be, but it's alright as far as black comedy is concerned. Certainly a lot better than the director's previous works, that's for sure.
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½ November 27, 2007
Uwe Boll even fails when it comes to failing on purpose.
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½ August 10, 2014
You know it's gonna be terrible when you see Boll's name on the poster. It was actually better than I expected, I had a few laughs. It stayed true to the notorious video game of the same name, being a massive fan of the game, I was actually satisfied with Boll's writing and direction.
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January 10, 2008
The movie is random, it is senseless, violent, disgusting, stupid, trashy and that was Boll's intention, to make a crappy movie that delivers a few good laughs.
Pretty decent dumb movie. Check it if you like dark humor. My favorite part was the cat's scene.
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½ April 25, 2009
Oh, I knew kharma would get Dave Foley back for breaking up Kids in the Hall by having him star in an Uwe Boll movie where he takes a shit naked and then tries to steal dick-shaped dolls. This is another Boll video-game adaptation except that now instead of being a horror movie, it's the lamest attempt at political satire this side of American Dreamz. Crude, crass and tasteless don't make for a funny movie when the people making don't have a sense of humor. I did laugh once very hard with one line (What is the difference between a duck?).
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½ May 4, 2009
Ok first off yes its a Uwe Boll movie, and I hate this guy enough to want to curb stomp him...but on the other hand after this movie I regard him as some kind of genius. I have seen a lot of movies that are controversial and want to push everyones buttons but nothing has really pushed the bounds like this movie. I do believe he finally sees that he can't make video game movies and be taken seriously because this movie is the biggest tea bag to the industry ever done. Nobody is safe. From children dying to certain Obama and Bush Brokeback moments I dare say this is comedy genius. Many would be appalled by the crass and rather in your face method he uses as you are knee deep in it from the start but I think that this kind of blatant in your face filming sets it apart from other raunchy comedies that provide a couple of cheap laughs. Every 30 seconds I do believe I asked myself WTF? Now most people that watch movies expect some kind of like serious plot or to walk away with a change outlook on this or feel some kind of movement, this movie is not one of those films as it is really nothing but the craziest string of jokes that roll one after the other. There are so many scenes that stand out...I think my friend Daffids comment about it being like Family Guy is rather on the mark if you were to put it live action and pull all the censors it is that kind of humor, only more so but the crazy little side anecdotes that sometimes feel out of place is never the case here. Really you can't sum up this movies plot into anything that would do it justice or make you want to run out and see it. This isn't to say the plot is missing as there is an underlying one that was well placed. The important things are the gags and the interesting cast members. I still can't believe there is a scene with the creator of the game Postal dressed as a giant....umm...male member as he attacks Uwe Boll who plays himself. That scene alone is worth watching this movie. I'm not even going to get into the monkeys and the midget from Austin Powers. I can't sum it up and it needs no summing, as the catch phrase on the box says "Disgusting, Offensive, Stupid".
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November 17, 2008
Offensive, over the top violent and occasionally funny. I've avoided Boll's movies, but this one isn't too bad. Kinda reminded me of a troma movie.
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½ April 6, 2008
Well here we are another video game movie from what some if not most call *the worst director of all time* Uwe Boll say what you will about the guy but someone keeps paying him to make these movies and this one wasnt that bad at all just straight insaneness from start to finish. A laid off loser teams up with his cult leader uncle in a scam to steal a certain kinda riches but turns out the taliban wants it also thats when things get crazy, Decent amount of humor and way over the top violence make this worth a look just try and look past the fact its directed by boll
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