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½ December 22, 2017
best video game adaption ever
May 5, 2017
The movie is awesome the kills are crazy I just love this movie
April 20, 2017
February 21, 2017
assholes, the movie is good hello
December 1, 2016
It's the kind of stupid humor that's offensive for the sake of being offensive that you find funny at the age of 13 and ONLY 13
November 30, 2016
I don't get why people don't like this.
This is a solid, quality, funny movie.
Anyone who honestly takes offense to this must've been dropped on their head as a baby.
May 23, 2016
i loved it, it is a guilty pleasure of like remember those FB pics that try to offend everone at once well heres a whole movie kinda based off the game.
½ April 5, 2016
Wasted most of it's potential. But nonetheless by taking it self not too serious, it brings some of the insanity of the Postal video games on the big screen.
October 14, 2015
Like the trailer said this movie was meant to be retarded, offensive, & cheap, & THATS WHAT I LIKE ABOUT IT! It's so mentally disabled its funny, basically a direct movie version of the game. WARNING!: Not for Kiddie's & complainer's!
November 30, 2014
dans le style du nanard qui (dit vouloir) s'assume, postal se pose la. Du grand n'importe koi sans reellement ni queue ni tete. On passe sur le jeu a peine passable des acteurs, le script bacle et la surenchere de caca.
Boll tire un coup a droite, un coup a gauche sur tout ce qui passe (comme les personnage de son film) a  commencer par une societe dont on devine une critique ; ce qui le rend sympathique.Finalement, le principal merite de ce film est d'aborder des themes devenus plus ou moins taboo en tirant dans le tas au RPG!
Malheureusement, le message tant attendu n'est pas au rdv, ce qui l'empeche de venir fleureter avec la parodie.
Finalement Postal n'est pas un film de genre ; ce serait plutot un film de mauvais genre. - pour public averti ;)
½ November 17, 2014
What's worse? Being offensive, or trying and FAILING to be offensive?
October 23, 2014
Super Reviewer
½ August 10, 2014
You know it's gonna be terrible when you see Boll's name on the poster. It was actually better than I expected, I had a few laughs. It stayed true to the notorious video game of the same name, being a massive fan of the game, I was actually satisfied with Boll's writing and direction.
August 5, 2014
Director Uwe Boll is best-known for adapting video games into bad, but money-making, films; Boll's take on the video game Postal -- which, as a game, followed a deranged postal employee as he went on a killing spree -- is a funny satire that feels overstuffed and deeply offensive but in an okay way.
Postal tries to shoot for the anything-goes lunacy of South Park, but it doesn't have the social commentary or good-heartedness of South Park; Postal may be trying for the social satire of the sharp, savvy Borat or the fierce Fight Club, and it's much better than Uwe Boll's other films, considering that most of them are fluffy mountains of crap.
May 22, 2014
POSTAL is yet another staggeringly inept concoction from the German schlock-meister Uwe Boll with yet another title taken from a video game. This film is so mind-numbingly awful that it feels like this was concieved and executed by a third grader. To be honest, I am totally convinced that it actually was.

Storywise, it is utterly feckless and contrived. The level of stupidity in this film is truly amazing. The script is convoluted and terribly written, some of the subplots are so bizarre, you wonder if they have any relevancy to the film. Within 5 minutes, I was already confused by what Boll was trying to say. That's because Boll can't tell a story, let alone make a film. Most of the plots go nowhere, and they don't tie up at any point in the film. This film contains some of the most weird, misguided, and idiotic political satire I've seen in any movie.

There were times in the film where I just felt like turning it off, and to be honest, I regret not doing that. There were many times where it was so hard for me to tolerate the atrocious acting and the hilariously bad dialogue. There are lines in the film like "today we're doing god work. So get in there and give those boys a god-job" and "what happens up my ass, stays up my ass". How in the world could anyone actually go about uttering lines like that and not feel that there was something wrong with the production? The actors should have walked off the set.

Technically, it is a mess of phenomenal proportions. This film is so jarringly, sloppily, and badly edited and so preposterously shot. Most of the sets look like they were designed on toilet paper, and all the set pieces look like paintings done on cardboard. But the worst technical aspect is Uwe Boll's direction. The direction is so heavy-handed, so awful and so inept on every level that one couldn't possibly imagine that film direction could be as bad as it is here. Scenes are staged, and it is impossible to invest emotionally in any of these scenes because of Boll's confusion and misunderstanding of his own written scenes- and the action scenes are just a blur- just a blur.

How is it possible that a man so incompetent, so stupid, so dimwitted and so warped is making films? Why is he cursing humanity with his awful things? (I won't refer to any of his work as "movies") I hesitate to even call this an abomination. And that's as kind as I'm going to be on this film. Uwe Boll is an evil man. A sick man. He is the cinematic equivalent of Adolf Hitler. Someone has got to stop this man from continuing to punish celluloid and the art of filmmaking.
March 23, 2014
I do not know why you should make a film of a play without reasonable or treatment
I find it crass that is a (supposedly)film by Uwe Boll's better, because nothing in the film it happens is a collection "sketches" of stupid pointless but an attempt was made here to produce no real movie (nevertheless "Postal" horrible). With the video game, this is mind you also totally lame because you almost can not do except kill and accost. why children are shot but a cat is used as the silencer comes safely escapes WTF.
why do at the real stars, so I only poison for the career and what is this?
neither trash nor or Action, satire, Adventure, Horror, Comedy, or anything else

Genre Rating: 0/10 for Action & Adventure, Horror, Comedy

Story: 0%
Cast: incredibly whor Has signed up for this ....
Acting: well it borders on theatrics
Claim / massage: there is no
Music / Score: 0%
Dialogs / language: 0%
Humor: -10%
Look / Style: random!
Effects: bilig%
Camera Equipment: 0%
Thrill / Dramatic: 0%
exciting / dynamic:%
Sex / Adult: most find it disgusting because they think also normal (only a few people that makes horny or find something sexy)
Blood / violence: 50%
Swear words / insults: 50%
To make it short the movie is of course worse than the game,
the only consolation is that the time span is not large but
first because it is referred to as "live action South Park" should immediately Uwe Boll die
March 14, 2014
There's three type of people as far as Postal the video game is concerned. There's those that make up the majority who had a quick, cheap snigger at it back when it was first released years ago, then they quickly moved on and forgot all about it, those that thought it was the best thing ever for about a week (mostly 14 year old boys with anger issues) and then there's Uwe Boll, a man that clearly thought "Wow, this would make a fantastic movie!". As expected the movie itself is awful, plain and simple, but not only that it's also horrendously mean-spirited to a point of minor worry. Boll shows a mixture of blind confidence, with a burning desire to create ill made attention through the most base and flagrant manner possible. Although the fact is that everything here is handled so clumsily and wrong footed that all the offensive elements, for which there are many, don't amount to anything besides a disapproving tut and a quick wonder how anyone so clearly lacking any genuine comedic talent ever managed to direct a movie intended to be funny. It's a crass, lousy stinker from the mind of a man void of any sort of moral compass.
½ March 9, 2014
It was very..............strange but also funny too. There are some disturbing scenes but I found a few funny, like that controversial scene with the shoot out and the kids (guilty pleasure). But seriously who thought this movie would be good, Uwe Boll made this crap. I suggest play the games and not watch the crappy movie (strongly suggest Postal 2)
February 15, 2014
In my opinion, a genuinely good satire movie, for a satire it isnt very smart and its no Meaning Of Life , but its a very decent, if not good, film. But the best part of all this is, not only is it a good Uwe Boll film, ITS A VIDEO GAME BASED MOVIE THAT ISNT GARBAGE!, I mean its not great, BUT I DOESNT SUCK! IT DOESNT SUCK!!! Heaven be praised!
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