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November 17, 2011
In "Postmark Paradise," Chick(Randall Godwin) reads about mail order brides from the former Soviet Union and launches a scheme to persuade one to marry his buddy Jake(Vincent Angelini) in their small town in Michigan. Letters are exchanged and $1200 raised for Viktoria's(Natalia Nazarova) airfare. But things do not work out well as she has to make a hasty escape from Jake's unwelcome advances. Luckily, she is rescued by Reenie(Tantoo Cardinal), a waitress with a story of her own, who lets her stay at her place.

Despite the serious overtones, "Postmark Paradise" is a genial and unassuming movie about how people are pretty much the same all over. It's just a difference of opportunities and between vodka and beer for Viktoria. It helps that the characters also transcend their small town stereotypes, as the movie finds its legs through a series of subplots. And it does not hurt that Tantoo Cardinal has such a good part.

For the record, I would take Yzerman and Messier over Fedorov but could never choose between Yzerman and Messier.
½ March 29, 2010
mail order bride story...good small town story about good people in an all american town...
½ July 5, 2008
Director Thompson Clay and writer Dan Slider reveal little imagination in their wan social comedy that fails to stand apart from any number of mediocre U.S. indie pics about relationships.
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