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½ April 2, 2004
More good stuff from the rental shop. I always bring these cartoon videos home with the intention of watching one or two before I head off to work. Inevitably I end up watching all the shorts in one sitting.

One of the best is Boogie Frights, featuring a pimp-like Boogie Man commanding a legion of night frighteners who, when confronted about why they are scaring all the children of Townsville are instructed to "blame it on the boogie". A great boogie soundtrack accompanies this. The clincher is when the girls fly up to take out the giant disco ball that's blocking the sun. They assume attack formation and follow a pretty much shot-for-shot copy of the attack on the Death Star from Star Wars.

The best one is Something's a MS, which features the mayor's voluptuous secretary Sara Bellum, who ends up kidnapped by Seduca. I think it's pretty funny that they only show Ms Bellum's body and big, curly red hair - never her face - yet she's the one in the mayor's office with the brains.

What hooked me on this short was when the mayor informs the girls of the kidnapping, it's a line-for-line homage to The Big Lebowski: "I look back on a life of achievement ..." The girls then pile on another movie reference, by forming up in "Wing Attack Plan R" (from Strangelove) to go off and fight Seduca. A further Lebowski homage comes in the form of the ransom money, which was actually a satchel containing the mayor's undies - his whites.

Among the features is Craig McCracken's original short, for a cartoon series he envisioned as "The Whoopass Girls". In that, the opening sequence featured a radically different professor using the conventional ingredients, sugar, spice and everything nice, but adding a "can of whoopass", rather than "chemical X".
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