Mar 4, 2012 an Eastern Bloc tribute to Britain's kitchen sink dramas.
Oct 5, 2007
An unrelenting, smell-the-sour-breath portrait of a blue-collar marriage dissolving under pressure from Communist-era poverty, masculine inadequacy, and restless depression.
Aug 8, 2005
It's the rawness of the film that makes us believe we are unquestionably seeing the truth.
Jul 3, 2005
[S]o painfully real that it almost becomes unendurable...
Mar 4, 2003
Hungarian filmmaker Bela Tarr's third feature (1982) is the best of his early forays into Cassavetes-style social realism.
Mar 3, 2003
[It] is the best of [Tarr's] early works because it achieves such a degree of intimacy that its lack of ostentatious filmmaking never impedes its ability to observe its characters.