The President's Man: A Line in the Sand (2002)

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Based on characters created by Bob Gookin, the made-for-TV thriller The President's Man 2: A Line in the Sand casts Chuck Norris in a role not dissimilar to his title character on the long-running series Walker: Texas Ranger. Norris is seen as secret agent Joshua McCord, the right-hand man to the President of the United States (Robert Urich). The plot thickens when a band of terrorists breaks into a museum to retrieve hidden nuclear-bomb components from the statues therein. Apprised of the situation, the military attempts to abduct the charismatic leader of the terrorists, but to no avail. It is up to Joshua to infiltrate the terrorists' lair and disarm the bomb before an unnamed U.S. metropolis can be blown into oblivion. Along the way, Joshua's "techy" daughter Que (Jennifer Tung) falls in love with her dad's young assistant Deke Slater (Judson Mills). Directed by the star's son, Eric Norris, and co-produced by his other son, Aaron Norris, The President's Man: A Line in the Sand debuted January 20, 2002 on CBS.
Action & Adventure , Television
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Chuck Norris
as Joshua McCord
Judson Mills
as Deke Slater
Robert Urich
as President Adam Mayfield

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Ah, yes, another piece of much needed trashy entertainment. Dumb, ludicrous, tacky, made-for-TV nonsense...and you know what? I like it, as stupid as it is. Plus, it's a Chuck Norris film, and I've discovered so shortly into his filmography that it's really hard to hate one of his films. Instead of retiring, Joshua McCord is still an agent for the President, but so is Deke, who is still as cocky as ever and seems to be developing a crush for Joshua's daughter, Que, who still likes to give Deke a lot of crap for his cocky attitude. Now, the trio has a new threat to deal with, in the form of Middle Eastern terrorists who snuck in bomb parts hidden artifacts given to a museum, which were then promptly stolen from the artifacts. The group must take out the terrorist group and its leaders before a major city suffers a devastating attack. While the President's Man 2: A Line In The Sand wants to be timely (Especially after the events of 9/11), it's mostly cheesy nonsense, rather than being something profound. The plot is even hammier than the original film, but it fits the bill for this kind of film, and it works for that purpose for some nonsensical thriller elements. It's nothing you haven't seen before with all its elements, but it works in its purpose to be cheesy, trashy entertainment. Chuck Norris delivers a decent performance again, while everyone else is hammy, but they still seemed to be having fun with their ridiculous roles. Their performances were fun to watch, though they certainly aren't award-worthy. Once again, much like its predecessor, the real reason to watch this film is for the action sequences. There's still plenty of gun battles, explosions, martial arts battles, romance this time around, and more as a B-movie lover would want from this kind of film. If you enjoy watching cheesy Chuck Norris action films, this film will give you what you want. It's a B-movie lover's delight, but it won't please anyone else. Still, I had a lot of fun with this one, much like its predecessor.

Keenan Sullivan
Keenan Sullivan

52% "Death to American imperialism!"-Abdul Rashid (Joel Swetow) Chuck Norris is at peace with himself and in complete control as terrorism rages on around him in this half assed atempt of a made-for-TV piece of garbage.

FilmGrinder Stone
FilmGrinder Stone

This was fairly bad, using other Norris movies as a standard. Very little martial arts action, very little Norris, and some really bad acting. The story was extremely unbelievable as well. Not worth your time.

Don Schick
Don Schick

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