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June 21, 2007
Too bad the music sucks and the tale's flat as a board.
June 14, 2005
April 20, 2004
Gershon is the only reason to watch the film.
February 2, 2004
Too much of a morbid soap opera to be any fun or truly dramatic.
January 5, 2004
While it gets a good deal of the background right, the picture stumbles in the dramatic department.
December 18, 2003
Aside from Ms. Gershon's performance (none of the other cast members actually played), there's little to elevate the music -- or the movie -- above clich.
November 14, 2003
Why isn't Gina Gershon a bigger star?
November 7, 2003
A rock drama that's hung over with inauthenticity.
October 31, 2003
Despite all its angst and bitterness, Prey doesn't convey the pure appreciation of rock 'n' roll that goofy Jack Black embodies in School.
October 22, 2003
There's enough melodrama here to top a movie-of- the-week marathon on Lifetime.
October 22, 2003
What we want to see is these women onstage, strutting and posturing and kicking out the jams. Instead, we become waylaid in dramatic sidelines that serve little purpose.
October 19, 2003
More bad things happen to these four women than one independent film can possibly carry.
October 17, 2003
More a string of set pieces than a coherent narrative.
October 17, 2003
Though it becomes almost laughably melodramatic and wields just about every rock-movie cliche in the book, Gershon's latest holds interest, thanks to her fiercely committed and sexy performance.
October 16, 2003
Prey swaggers with attitude but can't help slipping on the suds.
October 3, 2003
Nothing drives the film, the dialogue is awful, and dramatic tensions are completely missed.
October 3, 2003
So far this year we've had the wussiest rock movie ever made, Garage Days, and now Prey for Rock 'n' Roll is the most depressing -- but in a bad way.
October 2, 2003
Take an amateur playwright with an ax to grind, a novice director without the slightest idea of what he is doing and an actress who confuses sleaze with grittiness, and you have the makings of a first-rate flop.
September 30, 2003
The execution is as stale as the draft beer in some of the joints where the band entertains.
September 26, 2003
Strong work from Gershon and her co-stars is sometimes squandered in Alex Steyermark's feature directorial debut, which keeps a nice crashing beat but could have benefited from some smoother arrangement.
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