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½ March 30, 2008
A film that explores the ideas of freedom and relationship. An interesting role for Zellweger.
March 24, 2008
I liked it! A good balance between the harsh realities of oppression and braving a new path for oneself.
½ February 21, 2008
it was interesting at times but mianly borung as fuck
February 16, 2008
good acting...moving story....
February 6, 2008
i was impressed to see renee zellweger in a film like this. a little overly dramatic, but watchable.
January 26, 2008
A drama that is interesting and inspired. Rare praise for dramatic material from me usually.
½ December 18, 2007
Definitivamente debe causar polemica en el aspecto religioso, pero como mujer me encanto!
Super Reviewer
½ November 12, 2007
Very well done film. Don't miss watching this one.
November 11, 2007
It was good (I just don't really like abrupt endings). A good portrayal of someone not seeing eye to eye with their religion and trying to discover herself.
½ July 20, 2007
Female empowerment with both sexiness and tears; a realistic view of the suppression of women and the need to rise above societal constraints of any sort.
June 19, 2007
If you have not seen this movie you are missing out on some of Renee Zellweger's best work. It is emotional and eye opening. This is a strong female role that is not displayed very often. I recommend it to anyone interested is a goof film without any hollywood glamour.
June 7, 2007
Profound... a bit confusing at times... definitely not everyone's cup of tea.
May 9, 2007
i have heard this is a really good movie
½ March 20, 2007
This movie, starring Renée Zellweger, Julianna Margulies and Allen Payne, has the same concept as Saved!, only that it is taking place within the Jewish community instead. Sonia (Zellweger) marries Mendel, a Jew who is more infatuated by God than his own family. Sonia does not share his enthusiasm for religion and she becomes more and more restless. Basically the movie is about following your own path, but also the difficulties in doing so with pressure from family and society. A good enough movie.
½ March 1, 2007
Renee Zellwegger was surprisingly good in this movie. The story line was a bit plodding but it came together well at the end. A lot of actors that are well known to me were in this film and I was pleasantly surprised... good acting in a not so well known film, pretty much par for the course.
January 5, 2007
This looks so bad, I almost want to see it, but I probably won't.
November 20, 2006
this one is good too
August 25, 2005
Tough to slog through.
August 9, 2004
Love And Death -

Fantastic film from Woody Allen, and further proof that Diane Keaton really was his muse, and lack of her may be part of the reasons behind his more recent lack of artistic ambition.

And this is a very, very ambitious film. Fantastic cinematography, a massively beautiful score by Shostakovich (Shostakovich!) and a hilarious script, I'm sure by Woody Allen himself.

The acting is hysterically theatrical. Don't look into this for heartbreaking method acting. Look into it for overstated, simplistic and yet honest manner-acting. And Diane Keaton and Woody Allen do it here very, very well. Woody Allen's monologue about wheat combined with Diane Keaton's monologue concerning her future with Boris is the absolutely hilarious result of this style.

Simply put, this is a classic Woody Allen film. Trogoldytes, be warned: a working knowledge of Russian Literature and the Russian people (and a healthy knowledge of Yiddish) is necessary to get the most out of this film.

In The Company of Men -

This is Office Space from hell. Seriously, I don't even want to know what's going on in Neil Labute's head. He's disturbed, or angry, both or maybe even neither.

This is a powerful, depressing, disturbing, affecting film. For some, I'm sure it can be guilt-inducing. It certainly made me revaluate how I look at relationships. Inside of it is also buried a scathing satire of the cliche of romantic comedies - how they pull all this crap that forces conflict, and forces our male hero to make a "confession" to the female romantic interest (see: She's All That, etc.).

In short, an undeniably excellent film. It's the sort of film that when you watch it, you're glad that you rented it, so that you can pause it so you don't have to take all the vileness at once.

A Price Above Rubies -

Renée Zellweger doesn't get enough love around Rotten Tomatoes. She always, always gives a professional performance - at least in all of her movies that I've seen.

This movie has its fair share of problems in terms of pacing, lack of subtlety and stereotypical elements. And the main plot just isn't all that compelling. Some scenes containing surreal conversations with a godess figure are rather awkward.

However, I liked the religious allegory present - Stander is, appropriately enough, a stand-in for Satan himself, and Zellweger obviously represents Eve (or perhaps Lilith?). Eccleston plays poor Adam, beaten around, a very sympathetic figure.
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