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June 16, 2017
So I'm not a fan of this movie I just don't find it a good movie because it's to old fashioned and this fairytale is not that great
½ June 12, 2017
A classic I will always go back and watch!
June 12, 2017
I dunno I just love this movie!
June 4, 2017
I like this movie. I don't think I love it as much as some folks do. It's an agreeable fairy tale with an enjoyably self-aware, slightly cynical sense of humor. When it works, the sword fight between Cary Elwes and Mandy Patinkin for example, it really excels. When it doesn't ... Billy Crystal, some of Andre the Giant's acting ... it just kind of lies there, but never for too long. It sometimes feels to me like the film thinks its' absolutely hilarious, while maybe it's just pretty damn amusing.
½ June 1, 2017
One of the absolute classics of cinema. The Princess Bride never fails to entertain; young or old!
½ May 16, 2017
Princess Bride, The (1987) C-98m. ?? 1/2 D: Rob Reiner. Cary Elwes, Mandy Patinkin, Robin Wright, Peter Falk, Wallace Shawn, Fred Savage, André the Giant, Wallace Shawn, Billy Crystal. A grandfather (played by Falk) reads an adventure/fairy tale to his grandson about a beautiful young woman and her true love, who must find and rescue her after a long separation. Well-cast film has some grand moments (and terrific swashbuckling sequences) but the parts are greater than the whole . . . and the story is thoroughly weakened by sporadic comic shtick and instances of incoherencey via characters.
May 15, 2017
Cult classic. Lovable to watch with friends. Cary Elwes is fantastic. Respect for that man.
May 13, 2017
A very comical, romantic, and adventurous original film that deserves to be called a classic
April 7, 2017
Awesome, fun movie!!
½ April 1, 2017
This movie sucked. Not sure why anyone liked it. I'd rather watch Howard the Duck 100 times over this movie. I don't get the hype.
March 19, 2017
Despite the dated, low budget effects, this movie stands the test of time. It has an innocent sweetness that is rare in movies these days. I enjoy watching it as much now as I did when I was a kid, and I have yet to hear someone say they dislike this movie.
March 15, 2017
It would be inconceivable to dislike this movie!
March 12, 2017
It took me 30 years to figure out this wasn't a 'chick flick' and to give it a watch. A quirky little fantasy film, but quite entertaining and has stood the test of time. Decent characters, okay pace, some action and humour.
March 11, 2017
I have so much love for this film. Aesthetically pleasing and a delight to watch. I have yet to meet anyone who dislikes this movie and if I do I'm sure they would be a monster.

There's really no way to classify this comedy/fairy tale/fantasy/adventure and that is why it has withstood the tests of time and become a cult classic. From the cheesy catch phrases to the characters ridiculous names The Princess Bride does not take itself too seriously and a lot fun.
March 11, 2017
best rom-com ever. so much fun.
Super Reviewer
March 7, 2017
Very few movies stand the test of time. Films like Casablanca or Citizen Kane will be remembered as some of the best films of their time, while films like The Avengers or Avatar will be remembered as the biggest event of their corresponding year. While The Princess Bride did not break any box office records or win any big awards (aside from best original song at the Oscars), many film fans across the world claim this to be one of their favourite films of all time. Not only does it do wonders for the fantasy genre, but this film truly was a revelation for its time. Yes, many aspects can feel dated when looking back on this film, but the story is still accessible to all ages nowadays, which is really remarkable on its own. Here is why The Princess Bride still holds up today.

Films have been told this way for many years, having a the main story being told by a wise man or woman to a young child. In this case, a boy is home sick and his grandfather comes over to read him one of his favourite stories, The Princess Bride. What works so well is the fact that it sort of becomes meta. Kids normally don't like watching adult romances, which is why it turns this kid off from the story at first. Growing to like it as the story progresses and the swashbuckling and killing portion arises, it makes the story much more accessible to all ages. The reveal at the end of this film is truly what makes it such a great story as a whole, but does the story within in the story hold up today?

While I am actually new to this film sadly, it doesn't hold any nostalgia factor for me personally. I had to watch it with fresh eyes and respect it for its time. Luckily that wasn't very hard, due to the fun nature of its story. This film will always be nostalgic for fans, because the way the film is told makes it seem like it could've been released at any point in history. That being said, there are undeniably some pretty cheesy fight sequences and the set is very visible. When backflips are taken, the stuntmen clearly land on bags under the set. Looking back on the film, that is not necessarily a nitpick, because it's told through the way this kid is imagining the story. His mind would create a cheesier perspective, which is why it works so well.

There are quite a few instances throughout this film when the performances seem very forced, but then again, it all comes back to the fact that it's just a story. It is later revealed to be more than a story, but that is not to be thought about during the exploration of the story at hand. I found myself laughing and finding myself completely engaged with this film throughout the entire duration. At a mere 98 minutes, The Princess Bride goes by fairly quick and is easily recommendable. If you are not a film fan or didn't happen to grow up with it, I can't see too many of you really enjoying it.

The Princess Bride benefits from a very light-hearted touch by director Rob Reiner. The script and his translation to screen was easily the best portion of this film. Each core character, side character, and even the characters on-screen for mere seconds all have a purpose. This is a film that's worthy of every bit of praise it has received over the years. It's an absolute blast still to this day, but I wouldn't go as far as calling it a masterpiece like many people do. It's a very fun adventure to take every now and then, but I feel that constant viewings may harm the picture overall. I may be overthinking that statement, but I feel that certain demographics may grow weary. The Princess Bride is a great film that hasn't lost a bit of its charm over the years. I still highly recommend it.
March 5, 2017
This is actually my favorite film. It's a classic and it would be inconceivable for someone to not enjoy this movie.
February 13, 2017
The story is wonderful, the cast is excellent, and this is an absolute classic.
February 5, 2017
seen at film fest Sat Feb4th Flash Back movie Fest
½ February 5, 2017
1/1/2017: A classic!! One of the great films from the 80's. A fun interesting story with a good balance of action and comedy.
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