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The Princess Diaries Quotes

  • Mia Thermopolis: Shut up!..
    Mia Thermopolis: Shut up!

  • Lilly Moscovitz: Think about it: I just found out that my cable only reaches twelve people.

  • Lana Thomas: Principal Gupta, did you see what she did to me?!
    Vice Principal Gupta: Oh no, sweetie, I was in a very important meeting. Send it out for dry cleaning.

  • Joseph: You can call me Joe.
    Mia Thermopolis: Joey?
    Joseph: [LAUGHS] No. Joe.

  • Michael Moscovitz: Why me?
    Mia Thermopolis: Because you saw me when I was invisible.

  • Lilly Moscovitz: Wait up! Wait for me!
    Lilly Moscovitz: Not you! I don't even know you!

  • Mia Thermopolis: My expectation in life is to be invisible and I'm good at it.

  • Mia Thermopolis: Me? A princess?

  • Queen Clarisse Renaldi: A queen is never late. Everyone else is simply early.

  • Mia Thermopolis: (looks in mirror) As always, this is as good as it's going to get.
    Mia Thermopolis: [looks in mirror] As always, this is as good as it's going to get.

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