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May 15, 2010
I am NOT a number!

Well, yes you are or we wouldn't have a television drama the likes of The Prisoner. By now a cult classic for TV, the irrepressable No.6, played to great realism by Patrick McGoohan.

The groundwork in "Arrival" for this surreal and very creative gem is laid in the first episode. Wanting to escape the employement as an agent of a British intelligence service, he decides to quit in the strongest terms.

But he finds what's in his head will keep him from resigning. They will not let him resign, he knows too much about the service (apparently).

Dispatched to a funny farm of the government, the location actually did exist off the coast as a resort paradise.

Could be described as film noir for television. There is such a fatalistic ending to every episode. Even if No. 6 "escapes", he is always returned by some big chewing gum bubble that sucks him into it.

Black and white hour episodes, The Prisoner was the most bizarre program run during the late sixties. McGoohan also had a successful run with Secret Agent Man in the early sixties, an espionage thriller for TV. (The Man From U.N.C.L.E., a CIA based show on NBC in color had a longer run and made Robert Vaughn and David McCallum famous.)

With all the modern conveniences as a prisoner, No. 6 explores his new found home and quickly decides its lifestyle is not for him.

Highly recommended. The period costuming is both creative and retro. If you can't accept the premise of a man trapped with a gallery of fellow villagers, then this series won't likely impress you. Give it a try, if you can buy or rent any episode, they're all pretty much similar.
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