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Private Practices: The Story of a Sex Surrogate Reviews

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October 23, 2012
This is in some ways a stunning documentary. It follows two clients as they experience sex therapy with a surrogate partner. The clients, John and Kipper, are real. You can feel their awkwardness and hopefulness. The surrogate, Maureen, is real. She is simultaneously vulnerable and practical, disarming because she is not the least bit pretentious. And despite the sex in the sex surrogate title, this film is really about the way these men are stuck in their emotional and sexual lives, and need a little therapy to get on with their lives.
½ March 8, 2011
the most awkward documentary i've ever seen
January 3, 2010
Do sex Surrogate's Still practice today ?? If so Wy Havent they made more shows about it I find this soo verey interesting I Diddnt know this exsisted And Am I Have to say Im Going to be sad If it was another Practice Discriminated against or shutdown This helps men and hopefully wimen if they had male sex surrogate's To be better and more understanding in their relationship This film Rilly opend my eyes to The fact that their are 40 Year old Virgins Out Their still In This day and age Im sure!! I even learned A few things In watching that I will try on my Partner This is a Nice Clean ADULT Film That Is verey Informational ?
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