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April 8, 2017
Russian oddball sat in the early 1900's or so with siamese twin kids, nude photographs of ladies getting spanked, sour cream dipping and a cool little boat with a huge chimney.
The twins are sons of a doctor but a mean fella called Johann and his friends manage to capture them. Now known as "the freaks" he is earning money of them. The dirty photographer is among Johann's friends and he's got a crush by a ladie called Leeza - a lovely maid that worked with the doctor and his sons. Naturally she is photographed and filmed too.

Whipping, prostitutes, guns, a blind woman, accordions, underage drinking, a passion for cinema as an art form and music are other elements here. Some very cool songs, excellent cinematography and shots, great characters and a twisted story makes it very watchable and a very joyful ride. I dig that last scene - it's very pretty. Other images are swell too.
It's shot in a weird sepia color, making it even more unique and one of a kind. I have seen a few other films shot this way - one I can think of was also Russian, but from another director I believe. This director died three years ago, just 54 years of age.

Bleak, still haunting film. Always interesting, very strange but it's not a random experimental mess. It got a solid story, and it's actually based on a real story, as least I read it someshere. If so, it's pretty rad. A great, stylish, alternative movie experience that I'm glad I've had.

8.5 out of 10 floes.
June 23, 2014
balabanov keep going!
Super Reviewer
½ December 8, 2013
In learning how to be a photographer, Putilov(Vadim Prokhorov) went into deep debt to Johann(Sergey Makovetskiy), a mobster, who even frightens Victor(Viktor Sukhorukov), one of his henchmen. Even though Johann specializes in marketing pornographic films, he has a crush on Liza(Dinara Drukorava), the same as Putilov who Radlov(Igor Shibanov), an engineer and Liza's father, would almost definitely prefer as a potential son-in-law.

"Of Freaks and Men" is a simultaneously sad and perverse movie. While partially being about how progress is not always a good thing as seen through the lack of imagination in pornography, lying just beneath the surface of polite society, the movie has even more to say about modern day Russia. That's even though the film mostly resembles a silent movie, not just in its soundless opening sequences, but also later as it is shot in sepia tones with intertitles throughout. All of which is in the service of showing who the freaks really are.
October 15, 2013
Handling such contrasting subjects with such ease....!
January 31, 2013
A Russian movie about vintage spanking porn? What's not to like?
½ October 29, 2012
I didn't really find this artistic, only somewhat weird and a bit boring.
September 15, 2011
i don't know where to start with this movie. filmed in sephia color, followed with card-by-card narration sends the message about the time movie is located in. it's just about before the wwI in tzarist russia.
the characters and dialogues reflect something known from the russian classical literature, the treatment of disability, especially physical as something freaky. the main characters are sort to speak, freaks: siamese twins, an epileptic "porn magnate", his retarded sidekick, and a blind woman. the other characters are weak, like lisa and the photographer, or just greedy, like both the maids. in the sub-text, this movie has something to tell about russian typical dictatorship, and times that are about to turn because of decadence.
soundtrack is also notable, filled with russian classical music from the XIX century that only pumps the tension in this heavy film.
if you have the stomach for all the perversion and that gloomy atmosphere, try to find the movie. otherwise, avoid it. it's not for everyone.
April 6, 2011
this piece of cinematography is 100 % disturbing; that means it's disturbing in such a subtle (yet epic) way that it doesn't have to show you horror or gore to twist your does this by humiliating brilliantly built characters. I really can't write anything about the plot because I don't wish to spoil it, but I'll suggest that you really have to have to STOMACH the entire experience. not for the faint of heart.
December 24, 2009
This has a really cool concept. The silent movie feel was pulled off to a tee. The whole story is kind of creepy as well. I got bored with it though about half way through. Not the most entertaining or though provoking work from Balabanov. Still worth seeing though.
½ January 19, 2009
Quite surreal, indeed. Weird. Movie which is hard to classify. But nice to watch.
October 31, 2008
it's not what u think from the description.
It's stunning.
Just see it.
I say no more.
½ September 23, 2008
I'd recommend this film to anyone (except my mum maybe). It's really weird and almost hypnotic. Very strange subject matter and almost exploitative but very engaging.
½ August 14, 2008
Very disturbing and very russian.
August 12, 2008
que fotografia..
de Rusia con amor y parafilias secretas

(ya tengo muchas de estas fotitos retro pono vintage)
July 24, 2008
So what the hell is this about? Musical, drunken conjoined twins? Photography? Pornography? Cinema? All of the above? I am not sure I could say on just one screening, but it is one of the most glorious and imaginative films I've seen in a long time. Like its cinematic forefathers its obliquely references, Freaks, Eraserhead, and Guy Maddin, it plays like a film you are dreaming rather than watching on screen. I hope it invades my nightmares for years to come.
½ June 23, 2008
pualisima,rarisima, pseudo vintage y encantadora.
una joyita de resplandores corporales y extra├▒os
May 13, 2008
I've seen some odd films in my time, honestly I have. This one has to be in the top 5 weirdest. But it's exotic and funny and disturbing and never boring.
April 8, 2008
We were presented this movie for the last course of beginner's Russian. The teacher had never seen it and did not know the type of movie it was, though, which was funny. For learning the russian language, it's good. Great picture.
April 6, 2008
A brilliant masterpiece. Every once in a while a film comes along that transcends the boundaries of cinematic ecstasy. I loved the sepia tone of the film which was enhanced by the beautiful cinematography and haunting music. The sensuality displayed might offend the prurient, but it is well worth the experience. Johann, in the lead role, as a dominating dark character, is a scary guy, who does not speak much through words, but through his facial expressions. I doubt words can equate to this cinematic masterpiece's journey. A must watch for any serious world cinema lover.
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