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An Austrian vampire, his partner, and their henchmen emigrate to Los Angeles in search of suitable candidates for their scientific experiment to turn people into vampires by means of a special serum. A doctor and his nurse girlfriend discover the plot and try to stop it.
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Project Vampire Starring: Brian Knudson, Mary-Louise Gemmill, and Myron Natwick Director: Peter Flynn A mad scientist, Dr. Klaus (Natwick), is perfecting a longevity serum that turns those who use it into vampires. A brave intern from the univsersity hospital (Knudson), a kind-hearted nurse (Gemmill), and a Chinese genius (Cho) join forces to save themselves from the efffects of the serum and to stop Klaus's convoluted schemes from coming to fruition. At the center of "Project Vampire" is a neat idea--I like the notion of the vampire serum--but that idea is brutally strangled by a script so badly structured I doubt the writer/director has even heard the term "three-act structure", and then dumped in a shallow grave by a cast of actors who have almost certainly heard the phrase "don't quit your dayjob" many times. To make matters worse, the film is a mixture of a chase story and a race-against-time story, but both of these normally dramatic plot-types are made deadly dull by chase scenes that have all the excitement of my daily commute to work. "Project Vampire" is yet another badly executed low-budget film where a good idea falls victim to a shortage of talent. (It's also the only film of recent vintage that features a Chinese character that brought to mind Lionel Twain's rant at Inspector Wang in "Murder By Death" about geniuses being unable to grasp the use of preposition, articles, and pronouns when speaking.)

Steve Miller
Steve Miller

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