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July 16, 2016
A fairly decent follow-up to "Hello Mary Lou". Some great deaths and fun one-liners.
October 10, 2014
Did anyone else see that guy's balls in the sex scene?

Not that I was looking or anything.
½ April 17, 2013
Mary Lou is back to Hamilton High with a new boyfriend who buries all her victims on the school football field. Much different mood than the prior installments; veers into dark comedy but plot seems to go nowhere, with the main character detached emotionally to everything that happens.
October 27, 2012
Aimless entry is easily the worst of the series. Mary Lou returns from hell but I'm not sure why. She seduces an average student who disposes of bodies as she reduces the class and staff at Hamilton High. Comedic attempts largely miss the mark.
½ September 3, 2012
Slow and gets boring, but isn't too bad of a watch. It's not as good as part 2 though, the characters are awful and the effects aren't good. The story feels wasted, and the ending was terrible. There are some nice bloody moments, but nothing to get too excited about.
June 21, 2012
A direct sequel to a flick that was an "in-name" sequel to begin with. There's your warning.
February 2, 2012
The first 2 sequels are the only connection within the franchise. Unfortionaly Prom Night 3 picks up right where 2 left off so its a good supernatural flick!
October 9, 2011
Producer Peter Simpson had a surprise success with the supernatural slasher "Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II", a sequel in name-alone that was riding the success coattails of the "Nightmare on Elm Street" films. "Prom Night II" introduced slasher villain "Mary Lou" and no doubt wanting to make a franchisable character in the mold of Freddy Krueger, "Prom Night III" marks her return. The problem is where "Prom Night II" was comparable to "Nightmare 3", "Prom Night III" is comparable to "Nightmare 4" and any horror fanatic knows that's a solid step down in quality.

We open with Mary Lou (now played by Courtney Taylor) escaping from her shackles from hell with a nail file (yes, you read that right). She proceeds to head to her old high school and seduces a young smartass. Who cares if she kills people doing you harm, as long as she's a good lay... right? He goes along with her plan for a while but when he decides to break their relationship off, all hell breaks loose.
The second film has some comical moments but it was well balanced out with the horror. It was always a horror movie through and through first. Much like "Nightmare on Elm Street 4", the filmmakers here opt to load the film up with comedy tarnishing the horror elements in he process. And like "Nightmare 4", most of the comedy moments fall flat.

The look of the film is also lacks the sleek, polished and well edited feel of it's predecessor. Could this be due to budgetary reasons? Possibly but it also makes me question as the film credits two guys as directors: Ron Oliver and Peter Simpson. Oliver was the screenwriter of the second film and Simpson of course is the producer. This is never a good sign as 9 times out of 10 the producer took over directing duties as he was upset with the job the director was doing. I don't know if this is the case or not but it doesn't bode well with directors credited in this manner.

Another problem with the film Courtney Taylor as Mary Lou. Lisa Schrage in "Prom Night II" was able to convey both seduction along with terror and sadism. She was sexy while at the same time being deadly making her perfectly cast as Mary Lou and it's a damn shame they weren't able to her to return. Taylor is easy on the eyes but she's hardly scary and never bought it for one moment that she was a killer. She was just a whiny, high maintenance bitch that happened to kill anyone posing a threat for her boyfriend.

The killings are also overly silly. We get a teacher cut up and filled with fruit and ice cream, a school counselor killed with battery acid raining from a hair dryer and even the star quarterback getting killed by a football made to look like a drill bit. These killings are so cheesy that even Freddy hit his head with frustration.

"Prom Night III" attempts to make a franchisable slasher icon with Mary Lou but thanks to poor casting for the character and an overly comedic approach to the subject matter, Mary Lou would be buried for good and never resurrected again for another sequel, despite a forth film appearing a few years later. "Prom Night III" proved to be so disappointing that it even debuted as a direct-to-video feature in the United States despite being made to be theatrical feature. It's not completely worthless but considering how surprisingly good "Prom Night II" was, "III" ultimately because an utter disappointment.

Even more disappointing is the DVD release by Artisan. Obviously a VHS transfer, to add insult to injury it is a VHS transfer of the TV edit of the film. All the foul language is replaced with works like "frickin" and all the gore ended up on the cutting room floor. Even during the interesting climax where our heroine goes into hell to rescue her boyfriend (ala "Hellbound: Hellraiser II") the film has some video blips showing how wore out the VHS source was. A sad day for a DVD release.
½ August 20, 2011
Quite fun and goofy! I can't say I'm looking forward to part 4 though...
½ June 27, 2011
This is one crazy movie. I know it's sad, but I have yet to watch the original Prom Night and its sequel (but I think I might skip the fourth one). I picked up the VHS of this for $1.99, and I'd say it was worth the purchase. On the VHS there are previews before the film starts, and some of them are so weird I could have sworn they were made up. But, apparently they're not. Back to this nutball ride of a movie. This one is a comedy, so there's a whole lot of gags that end up being funny, and a lot that don't. It has a weird, late 80s charm about it that holds your attention through the entire movie. The kills are all pretty funny (especially the biology teacher's demise), and the cinematography is actually decent for a movie like this. There's a scene where our main characters go to Hell, and I felt this scene was very well done. So why only 3 1/2? Well, the ending was just so abrupt, it felt as if the writer had originally written a 2-hour epic, but the studio just chose a random spot in it to cut it off to make it shorter. It's definitely a very fun and funny film, and it's a good viewing experience.
April 25, 2011
A Szalagavató sorozatnak a harmadik epizódra siker 1/4lt n (C)zhetetlenn (C) válnia. Az el'z' r (C)szb'l megismert Mary Lou folytatja v (C)rszomjas bosszúhadjáratát. A probl (C)ma csak annyi lenne, hogy igazából nincs semmi oka a visszat (C)r (C)sre csak úgy passzióból fesztiválozik másf (C)l órát. Mary Lou karaktere átalakul valamif (C)le Freddy Kruger imitátorrá (tűzeset, álomb (C)li zaklatások, d (C)moni er' stb.), term (C)szetesen min'síthetetlen 1/4l ócska módon. A vígját (C)ki elemek a második r (C)szben jól működtek, felfrissített (C)k a sztorit, de itt m (C)g ez is cikis (ahogy minden más is). A Prom Night III is tök (C)letesen p (C)ldázza azt a hihetetlen m (C)lyrep 1/4l (C)st amit a kilencvenes (C)vek elej (C)re el (C)rtek az el'z' (C)vtized horrorsorozatai.
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½ March 22, 2011
Prom Night III: The Last Kiss is a poorly made horror film that combines all the usual cliches with a bad horror comedy overtone. This third entry suffers from a bad script and bad acting with nothing really new to offer the genre. This entry doesn't try to do anything new or exciting and the film suffers from a poorly conceived horror comedy formula that ultimately doesn't work. Prom Night II: Hello Mary Lou was the best in this series and it shocking how they couldn't build anything on the Mary Lou story a bit further. The filmmakers took a different approach and the film is a failure. The Last Kiss is packed with horror cliches and stereotypes. The story seems incomplete and the actors seem out of place. This is too bad because the first two entries were solid films. After finishing this fiolm you'll realize that your time could have been wasted better as this film is quite stupid and boring to be honest. there is nothing good about the film, nothing remotely appealing to fans of the first and second film. For me the real Prom Night film are the first two films, the first was good and the sequel was even better, but then we get to The Last Kiss and what we have is purely and simply a film that absolute garbage. If you want good advice skip this one and the fourth film and stick with the first two, much better films, and are definitely more entertaining. This film is just sad in its failure.
½ January 16, 2011
Mary Lou is back and she's... horny? Well, what started out as a classic slasher flick has quickly gone the way of the Nightmare on Elm Street films and added in gimmics and jokes in place of suspense and scares.
It was nice to see that the film related directly to the series and didn't just make up complete nonsense for the sake of making a movie with the Prom Night title.
This is pure b-movie fun with bad acting, lots of cheese, some gore, mild nudity, and a killer jukebox.
½ December 26, 2010
painfully boring and dull to watch
December 26, 2010
The funniest Prom Night installment. What was so average about the main character? He was pretty cute. And this time, Mary Lou is actually sexy unlike in the second Prom Night. I enjoyed this movie a lot.
½ October 19, 2010
the best one it maybe bad to some but as a classic it stands out from the rest of the Prom Night's!!
½ August 7, 2010
The original Prom Night was classic slasher fare in the vein of the original Halloween, and Prom Night II: Hello Mary Lou was a fun blend of supernatural horror and slasher film that careated a delightful little blend of twistedness. Prom Night III goes in the postmodern, self-conscious horror film comedy direction like Scream would do a decade later. It doesn't really fail in its endeavor, for it does have funny moments that are simultaneously gruesome, but ultimately it is so juvenile that it is hard to give it a very good rating. Still, if you are fan of bad horror and horror films that make you laugh, then you will most certainly like Prom Night III because there are plenty of delighttul deaths and gags.
½ July 30, 2010
Prom Night III is yet another entry in the quasi-popular Prom Night franchise from Canada. While the first one was a straight slasher with decent starpower, it failed at being energetic and was actually quite bland. Then there was Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night 2, and much needed shot to the heart that gave the series a big boost by incorporating supernatural elements, a ton of nudity, cool effects, and buckets of blood. Now we've entered stage three and the ONLY one that connects with one of the other sequels, which is part 2, but very loosely as the ghostly Mary Lou escapes her hell (which oddly, is a zombie prom) to come back to Earth and fall for high school guy Tim Conlon and turn him into the school hero by advancing his grades and football career, but most importantly, killing off all those who get in his way. The film never really takes itself seriously (at least not until the last 10 minutes) and tries to go the slapstick route which is a shame as it totally kills the momentum set up by part 2 and winds up dishing out loads of unfunny jokes and gags. The last 10 minutes are inventive, fun, and actually resemble a horror movie, especially the ending, but that is not enough to save this rather disappointing entry. Good for a laugh with friends and beer, but then again, I'd rather watch part 2 for that. As for part's a meh.
July 4, 2010
Not as good as the previous movies but still could make you laugh at the histarical lines that the characters say, alright
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