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½ February 26, 2010
An ultra-low budget and very bizarre horror spoof that succeeds only to mildly amuse.
February 3, 2010
Aimless entry is easily the worst of the series. Mary Lou returns from hell but I'm not sure why. She seduces an average student who disposes of bodies as she reduces the class and staff at Hamilton High. Comedic attempts largely miss the mark.
½ January 31, 2010
The original Prom Night was classic slasher fare in the vein of the original Halloween, and Prom Night II: Hello Mary Lou was a fun blend of supernatural horror and slasher film that careated a delightful little blend of twistedness. Prom Night III goes in the postmodern, self-conscious horror film comedy direction like Scream would do a decade later. It doesn't really fail in its endeavor, for it does have funny moments that are simultaneously gruesome, but ultimately it is so juvenile that it is hard to give it a very good rating. Still, if you are fan of bad horror and horror films that make you laugh, then you will most certainly like Prom Night III because there are plenty of delightul deaths and gags.
January 28, 2010
Even as a comedy take on the premise, this movie is too over the top and the comedic tone doesnt match the subject matter and won't appeal to it's fanbase. That does have an odd endearing quality which at least makes it watchable, but not very good.
½ January 10, 2010
Ridiculous and unique sequel/spoof of Prom Night II. So much camp value. Evil killer jukebox!
October 23, 2009
I like campy horror comedies as much as anyone, but this was actually a bit painful to watch. The horror was nowhere to be seen, and the humor was mostly non-existent. Not recommended.
October 2, 2009
More spoof than rather a horror film. But it got me laughing pretty hard with all it's stupidness!
½ June 30, 2009
After only two entries they took the "Elm Street" route and made it comedic. That shouldn't bother me much but when the storyline is already a bit far-fetched, do you really want to make it anymore ridiculous? The scare sequences take too damn long as a set up (hurry the hell up) and the gore is so over the top and fake that it leaves you confused. You would think it would at least show a little nudity to make up for that. WRONG AGAIN. We get nothing there either. The movie looks extremely cheap and you will be laughing at what this movie's interpretation of "hell" is. Oliver and Simpson give a couple of neat shots, but when the set looks that bad, I don't really care what the camera does. Tim Conlon can be funny in parts but when it's time to get serious he's really bad. It didn't help that his character was despicable for a hero (cheats, lies, helps with murder at the drop of a hat) and if he was a real person, I would punch him in the face. Cynthia Preston came out of this crud looking ok and was likeable. Courtney Taylor just had to look hot and is nothing compared to the original Mary Lou (Shrage). I will say that some of the jokes did make me laugh but I'd rent a flat ou comedy if I wanted to laugh, not a horror film. Add to that a horrible soundtrack (ever wanted to hear "American Woman" in rap form? Here's your chance), cheap looking sets and boring "suspense" scenes and you get one lame movie. Watch a Keri Sable going-to-prom video if you're looking for more story than this crap.
½ April 3, 2009
thhis could have been a better film
October 13, 2008
Not good, but I actually enjoyed it more than its predecessor, Prom Night 2. It had some continuity - albeit only a little - between this movie and the previous one, and the deaths were pretty creative. I think I was able to enjoy it because it didn't even pretend to take itself seriously. It was a fairly good timewaster.
August 17, 2008
I think i've seen this movie. Saw it when i was in primary school and i remember that the ending really disturbed me. Something about - we think the evil chick has been bested and then our hero couple have driven away - they stop for gas. He gets out to make a call - phone box won't take his money and then suddenly evil chick appears in back seat and tares his girls heart out and he's left with her stuck in some alternate picture card 1950's Hell dimension.
Ring any bells? If somebody know can they tell me i'd be most greatfull as, strangley, this movie has been on my mind recently.
½ July 21, 2008
A goofy spoof of the first two Prom Nights, this movie's immature sense of humor is charming in its own right.
July 14, 2008
Did anyone else see that guy's balls in the sex scene?

Not that I was looking or anything.
½ July 9, 2008
Whereas Prom Night and it's unreleated sequel Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II, were fun and diverting little time wasters in the "so bad, they're good" territory, Prom Night III: The Last Kiss is an immature and almost insulting piece of work. I'd be lying if I were to say that there were no redeeming factors in the film. Courtney Taylor is a sexy Mary Lou (who looks a little too much like Monica Lewinsky in certain angles) and Tim Conlon is appropriately bemused looking through the film. Some of the jokes are sort of funny as well, such as an announcer on the school's loud speaker announcing "Today's chess club practice has been cancelled. Members are to report to the library and play with themselves!"

To make matters worse, this silly sequel ends on a ridiculously dark and downbeat note, which seems a bit out of character with the rest of the film.

Basically, you should imagine a basic episode of Goosebumps, a few dollops of 80's cheese, some bad Freddy Kruger one liners from a rejected Nightmare on Elm Street script, and some creative deaths (some even in the Phantasm tradition) and you'd get something similar to Prom Night III.

You can do much worse, but you can do so much better!
June 27, 2008
Good movie, very humorous and good. A big pardoy; the second one was better. Mary Lou is more sexual and dangerous in this movie, though.
June 25, 2008
Underated entry in the Prom Night series is underated, but definitely a weaker film than Parts 1 and 2. A horror/comedy, but deliciously dark.
May 14, 2008
The other Prom Night movie that scared me when I was little - that I love now. Corny, but funny!
½ May 11, 2008
I've never seen "Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night 2", but I think it's safe to say that this is definately a step down from that film. The series made one more attempt to bounce back with a fourth installment in which they drop the Mary Lou story line and while it wasn't a successful film by any means, it was an improvemnet for sure. This film is awful!!
½ April 28, 2008
More Canuck-o-vison!
March 13, 2008
It's a "so bad it's good" kinda movie. I thought it was fun if youjust take it as is and don't try abd follow any kind of story line.... lol
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