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June 21, 2017
Huge Disappointment !!!!
June 21, 2017
This movie was so bad that watching Michael Fassbender walk around being pretty couldn't even save it.
½ June 19, 2017
Absulutely rubbish film, stupid characters, preditable plot line. All round just another poorly excecuted sci-fi film.
June 19, 2017
This interesting prequel has some confusing elements, but overall, it is a good movie.
June 16, 2017
A disappointing 'Alien' film but a great sci-fi epic.
June 11, 2017
An interesting prequel with a similar plot and style to the other Alien films that follows Scott's craft with slow openings and messy scenes. Confusing, but watchable.
June 11, 2017
I didn't enjoy this as much as many others. Decent portrayals, very good CGI, but the subplots take away from the overall story and slow down the film.
Charlieze Theron and her weird arc did nothing to add to the movie, and the bizarre Lazarus storyline wasn't necessary either. The crazy C-section was interesting, and the various alien elements worked as set pieces but truly the film is a mess. Other than the 'ancient alien' reveal there were too many unexplained oddities to forgive. The swimming eel-like creatures? The giant squid-snake at the end? The monstrous super-powered mutated humans? Too much you-know-what packed into a too long film.
Fassbender and Rapace can't sustain all the extraneous crap.
June 10, 2017
I can't believe how disappointed I am with Ridley Scott. This movie was awful, raised more questions than answers, didn't make sense, and was actually boring and forgetful.
June 10, 2017
Took 3 viewings to forgive the mistakes and simply enjoy the story being told. While i have dismay at the implications for Alien and how it changes a beloved film i do enjoy something intelligent from this universe in over a decade.
½ June 7, 2017
Clunky script, fairly formulaic film, saved somewhat by strong performances from Rapace & Fassbender in particular.
½ June 4, 2017
Entertaining movie so for that it passes for me.
But it was confusing at times. I was not sure how this one fitted in as a prequel to Alien1, but I thought it was a lead up to the story behind the "derelict spacecraft" and the "engineer sitting at the canon" in the early scenes of Alien 1. And of course, the origins of the Alien on the desolate planet.
I haven't read up about it but I didn't get the meaning of the opening scene where the 'engineer' drinks the concoction with the organisms (contagions?) then goes down the waterfall.
What were the 'engineers' running from then? The creature that resembles the squid alien? or one of their own who gets infected with the same thing that Holloway and Fifield contract? And are they the same thing but at different stages of development? (i.e. the Alien in it's various forms?)
And what of the Alien? Is the Alien that takes the 'engineer' the predecessor of the Alien 1 alien? Does it evolve into the Alien 1 form as we see it when it erupts from the engineer?

if the engineer dies there in the escape pod, who ends up in the cradle canon in the scene from Alien? Why not write the screenplay and have him die there which would lead very nicely into Alien 1? The last bit of dialogue in the movie refers quite nicely to the fact that a message should be sent out to stay away from the planet - fits well with the scene in Alien where they realise the distress signal was in fact a stay-away signal. So why not let the engineer die in the cradle? Why, Mr.Scott?
And what was in the canisters? The aliens in amoebic form? or some other conatagion that would wipe out a race? the weapon of mass destruction? Did i miss it or was there an explanation as to why these creatures wanted to destroy the human race?

too many questions without answers coming out of the movie. The people I watched it with thought the same thing. So for this I scored it low. Maybe it gets addressed in another movie ? Alien Covenant perhaps? (which I will be seeing very soon)
As for the photography, framing, special effects - fantastic.
As for the casting, personally I didn't like the two main actors - Rapace and Marshall Green. Nothing lacking in their acting but they just didn't do it for me like all the casted actors in Alien, Aliens, Aliens 3 and 4 did. IN particular, ALien 1 and 2 were perfectly casted. I thought Idris Elba in particular was well casted, and Fassbender to a degree, and Theron looked absolutely amazing to the point where any xenomorph would have to melt when they saw her.
All in all, entertaining, great effects, but a story full of holes which led to my low score. Interestingly, it doesn't get much screening on free to air in Australia, certainly nowhere near as much as the Alien quadrilogy does.
½ June 4, 2017
Starts off with great promise and a fascinating idea. Marred by unconvincing characters but mostly by a convoluted, almost incomprehensible plot and some serious credibility issues (spoiler alert: if you were an alien awakened after a two millennium sleep by beings you indirectly created who travelled light years across the galaxy to meet you, wouldn't you at least be a tiny bit curious before going on a mindless rampage and killing them??? Hello? Then after narrowly escaping being murdered by the rampaging alien, would you, the LONE survivor, then set off for the killer's home world in a stolen ship??? Seriously? Maybe the next installment of the Alien franchise will shed some light on the absurdity of it all; but just be prepared to be confused (and probably irritated) if you watch this movie!
½ June 4, 2017
Prometheus brings up meaningful themes. Then it simple ignores them. As one would expect out of a Ridley Scott Alien film, the characters for the most part are all reincarnations of the originals. The acting was good enough and the visuals were great. It's hard to become invested in this already exhausted Alien universe.
June 4, 2017
This overall is s pretty good film. I loved the concept/introduction of the Engineers and the sense of mystery/discovery that follows the primary plot. There are a few flaws that could have been altered to improve, but fortunately they do not interfere significantly. The film is visually appealing as well as a rich and welcomed new direction to a tired alien universe.
June 4, 2017
Ridley Scott's return to the world of Alien is for the most part successful. The film has strong visuals, performances and questions. However a lot the questions posed are left unanswered for later sequels. That being said Prometheus still manages to successfully immerse us back in the world that alien created many many years ago.
June 4, 2017
Ridley Scott did 200 commercials before he made his first feature film. His second movie was alien, which he meticulously storyboarded. He has a passion for this universe and really wants to make it a viable franchise to compete in today's marketplace of summer tentpoles. I may have not always appreciated the franchise, because it was a bit older than me - but I always liked Prometheus. So you could take the things I say with a grain of salt or, you can realize I'm not going to 've the type to get all caught up on the fact that this film has No Xenomorph and get down trodden. Did I mention it was written by Lost head writer Damon Lindleof?! The hype and enjoyment of this movie has always been real, but it has grown in anticipation for Covenant, I will admit.

he film is beautiful and it wants you to see that immediately. The first 1/4 of the movie is pretty much all gorgeous landscape shots. It does follow the general outline of Alien better than you might be remembering the wonderful design is complimented by brilliant acting. A variety of talents from Idris Elba the smooth captain, to Charlize Theron the stoic captain, Michael Fassbender the manipulative android and Guy Pierce as THE Wayland who started all this make up the cast. The story is magnificent and truly left of to the viewer to decipher but the actions of some of these wonderful characters are inexcusable. Why run off from the group? Why take your helmet off? Why play with that white snake? & those aren't the only burning questions because if you don't like the thought of it being a Choose your answer adventure story you will be left wondering; Why did those drawings lead them to a weapons facility? Why did that huge space jockey get so violent immediately? Why did they want to destroy earth?.. apparently in an earlier draft, it was because 2100 years before the Engineers sent one of their own to tutor the humans and they crucified him. Honestly, it's better in ambiguity.

The general consensus was mine initially as well (in 2012), over ambitious - with too little presence of the Xenomorphs. Now, upon rewatch the movie seems better off without them, though some use for the Deacon would have been pleasant. With a few strong female leads the movie manages to deliver side characters with some depth along and an android 100x better than Ash. This film is scary and builds on the mythology of Alien without leaning on the famous creature. This movie makes you think for yourself and never hands you all the answers & with so many questions you my need a rewatch before you can even solidify a decent theory on the subject matter. But it doesn't hold your hand and that's why I give it a 4/5
½ June 3, 2017
My favorite Alien's Movie!
June 3, 2017
I've loved this film since its release, in spite of some glaring mistakes. Superior & intelligent Sci-fi story, gorgeous special effex, strong female characters, and an ending that makes sense! Perhaps the biggest thrill is seeing HR Giger designs that date back to the preproduction of Jordorowski's Dune, and the first Alien film. So much of this film is a new discovery! I can rewatch this endlessly!
June 1, 2017
Adding to the mythology of the Alien universe, and a movie that can be interpreted differently by everyone. Also, a BEAUTIFULLY shot movie 84/100.
½ June 1, 2017
I really liked this reboot to the Alien franchise. It's slower paced with some character development, and I love that you don't see a monster type alien right away. I'll definitely be watching it again.
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