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August 29, 2008
Grei nok witness protection - må rømme fra sin fortid-type film. Helt grei. Ikke mer eller mindre.
½ January 20, 2008
yeah like the story line but the direction is poor. if the direction is good then this movie story have that kind of capabilty to be a good movie
½ July 30, 2007
great movie. starring alex blawin and robert gallagher. it is a story about a man (alex blawin) who is put in protective custody so he can go against the mob in new york city. when he cover is blown he is forced to go to a new town and start all over. but once he thinks he has been established, his pass come back to find him. the movie is great. alot of action, suspense. it is worth the look.
March 15, 2004
While big brother Alec enjoys a career renaissance with films like The Cooler, younger brother Stephen is toiling away as a second rate, straight-to-video actor (when he?s not on television trying to ferret out The Mole). If Protection is any indication, Stephen deserves another shot at the big time.

Protection is a smart and taut little thriller featuring a tough, smoldering performance from Baldwin (8 Seconds, Flintstones In Viva Rock Vegas) as Sal Vincent, a former mobster now hiding out under the witness protection plan. Peter Gallagher (While You Were Sleeping, Mr. Deeds, How To Deal) is terrific as Ted, the realtor next door who befriends and then goes into business with Sal never realizing how much danger he?s placed himself in. The story moves a bit slowly at first as the script sets things up, but the action late in the film builds to a suspenseful climax as Sal?s past begins to catch up with him.

Directed by John Flynn (Best Seller, Out For Justice, Lock Up), the film has a low budget look and feel to it, but that?s part of the charm. The actors are unhindered by box office expectations and the performances are natural, focused, and free of the pretense that is so typical of big budget films. All of the principle actors have a nice chemistry together and the characters, for the most part, are fleshed out and fully realized. Overall, the acting is far better than the usual b-list fare with fine supporting performances from Katie Griffin as Sal?s wife and Aron Tager as the local crime boss Lujak.

Stephen may not be enjoying the mainstream Hollywood success of his older sibling but he?s establishing himself as a pretty good low rent talent. Besides, it could be worse ? when?s the last time anyone saw a BILLY Baldwin flick?
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