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March 27, 2011
In 1995, director Bryan Singer delivered one of the finest crime films - not too mention one of cinema's killer twists - in "The Usual Suspects". Before that, he cut his teeth on this low-budget, independant suspense tale.
Whiley Pritcher (Ron Marquette) is an enigmatic stranger who arrives in the small American town of 'Brewster' and starts up a public television show asking the local residents "what's wrong with Brewster?" Not before long, the residents are all calling in, revealing secrets about their neighbours and causing dark fueds, in this once idyllic town.
Although this film was done in the early 90's it has a very dated 80's look to it. Despite this, you can still see the early promise from Bryan Singer. It's competantly shot and achieves quite an eerie feel to the whole thing. This little tale would have made a great Twilight Zone episode but as a feature length film, it doesn't quite have enough in the tank for it to hold your interest over a short but somehow protracted 87mins running time. Amature acting is a major letdown also but it's always interesting to see where a career began and Singer certainly shows flourishes of his crime classic to come.
It builds slowly and assuredly and it's intriguing premise draws you in, but it ultimately loses it's way and ends with a wimper.
January 30, 2011
From the outset, this was a fantastic idea with a ton of potential behind it. In reality, it was a dull, confusing, frustrating and (dare I say it) stupid movie that seemed to make no real sense once it had ended. Considering the director's next film would the The Usual Suspects, Public Access does hold a place as being the birth of a truly talented film-maker. It's just a pity his talent doesn't come through here; especially with such a brilliant initial idea. A real disappointment.
January 6, 2010
Avant d'avoir presque grillé Superman au cinema, avant d'être le réalisateur des très surrestimé X-Men 1 et 2 (loin d'être aussi géniaux qu'on le dit, et surtout loin d'être aussi supérieur au 3ème, selon moi), et avant d'avoir connu une gloire méritée avec Usual Suspects, Bryan Singer a réalisé cet étrange film sur un étranger qui joue les agitateur dans une chaine de télé d'une petite ville. L'interprète principal Ron Marquette a un charisme de fou, et a même un style de Jeff Goldblum c'est pourquoi j'ai été super choqué d'apprendre qu'il est déjà mort depuis 15 ans (2 ans après la sortie de Public Access), et putain c'est dommage ! Le film démarre bien et l'atmosphère est très mystérieuse, on est pressé de connaître le fin mot de l'histoire mais on reste captivé par le film, on ne sait pas qui est ce Whiley Pritcher et ce qu'il vient faire dans un trou paumé à réveiller le côté obscur caché d'une ville en apparence tranquille.
Mais la deuxième partie ne tient pas toute les promesses et ça vire presque (parfois) au grand-guignol, pas mal de trous dans l'histoire (le mystère c'est bien, mais l'impression que c'est basé sur du vent, ça ne l'est pas) qui laisse le spectateur sur sa faim lorsque le film se termine. Mais c'est quand même intéressant de voir ce film qui vaut quand même le coup d'oeil, ne serait-ce que pour l'excellente prestation de Marquette et ce qu'il aurait pu apporter au ciné s'il était encore en vie....
November 6, 2009
This is a mess. I get it, but the execution is really brutal. Could have/should have been so much better.
June 9, 2009
Bryan Singer's debut feature showed no signs of what was to come two years later with The Usual Suspects. This slow moving indie is mostly pointless with a bit of shock value in the last half hour that does little to redeem itself.
February 11, 2009
Sundance 93' Grand Jury Prize
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½ August 4, 2008
This movie is just wierd... dont waste any of your precious time on this movie!
April 26, 2008
Public Access, as a feature film, seems far from finished, as if it needs another run or two through the editing room.
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½ April 18, 2008
debut from bryan singer, a low indie effort, concerning a mysterious figure coming to a town and setting him self up on public acess television, then ripping into the townsfolk, about whats wrong with there town, and stirring emotions as truths come out, not entirely sucessful, but for its budget, its well made, there is a interesting story going on, if not explored fully, and there seems room for story to develope more, but a interesting concept all the same, and a interesting watch to see singer start off before his masterpiece, the usual suspects, also, listen carefully for voice off one caller to his show, none other than kevin spacey, before he also hit the big time with usual suspects
½ December 17, 2007
Before The Usual Suspects, before X-Men, before Superman Returns, there was Public Access, the directorial debut of Bryan Singer, also featuring a script from regular collaborator Christopher McQuarrie and a score from John Ottman. It's an interesting plot, an enigmatic stranger arrives in a quiet American town, and causes the idyllic atmosphere to be shattered with dispute and paranoia. The film looks beautiful, Singer using a full bag of tricks to create stunning visuals, but it's really a case of style over substance. The film doesn't grip like it should, and limps over the finish line rather than ending with a bang. Ron Marquette is an impressive lead though, and his performance is encapsulated in history, because just a few years later he committed suicide. Tragedy aside, there isn't too much to recommend this film, except for seeing where a major Hollywood director got his start.
July 27, 2007
Bryan directed this baby very matter how bad the script makes the direction seem.
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