Sep 26, 2017
As someone who prefers her comedy with a side of melancholy, I'd say that the performance from Tom Hanks alone makes this a worthwhile watch.
Aug 23, 2016
Though Punchline defies the Hollywood penchant for producing either pure comedy or straight drama, its view of those with the guts to stand before an audience and dare them to laugh is oddly uplifting.
Mar 23, 2008
Unfunny, at times morose, comedy-drama about standup comics.
Mar 1, 2008
Aug 7, 2005
Aug 22, 2003
Jul 19, 2003
A movie that engages us with its distinctive blend of humor and heartbreak
Feb 19, 2003
Jan 9, 2003
Dec 5, 2002
Enjoyable thanks to three fantastic performances, a handful of fairly amusing moments, and an interesting glimpse behind the scenes of the stand-up comedy industry.