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January 18, 2013
Not the best acting from Emma Bing and kind of cheesy, but it's a heartfelt movie that rings true for a lot of punk drug addicts. Worth the watch. You definitely feel for the characters.
April 10, 2012
My favorite movie, it's really good!
March 3, 2012
"When you chase the dragon you get burned, oh man do you get burned."-Spike (Chad Lindberg)
March 6, 2011
Great movie, filmed in Portland, Oregon
December 30, 2009
All the cliches in this cliche-filled indie melodrama are done strikingly and surprisingly well.
June 28, 2009
unconditional bullshit
April 22, 2009
It wasn't bad. Bit hard to follow the first time, and it got easier to understand after the 2nd time around.
April 6, 2009
this movie was amazing!!!
February 28, 2009
this movie was so sad, but a really good one.
The ending was way tragic but for sure, a great movie, the filming and effects and the acting was just ace. see it for sure.
September 22, 2008
I don't understand why people find this movie to be a masterpiece. I was worn out by it during the first ten minutes, but decided to watch the whole film anyway. Nick Lyon attempts to make a film that twists all aspects of the life a teenager has to lead. And he fails miserably. I don't know whether it was the unnecessary drama, whether it was the inexistent budget or something else I didn't grasp, but -unfortunately- this movie didn't appeal to me.
August 12, 2008
By far, my number one favourite movie of all time.
½ June 27, 2008
Nick Lyon did a great job writing and directing this film. It's a modern, portland-punk take on Romeo & Juliet. The cinematography is gorgeous and Chad Lindberg's performance is Oscar-worthy.
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