Punks Reviews

March 10, 2003
February 1, 2002
Although there are fun and perceptive moments, the script opts for trite sketches of life that ultimately feel forced.
December 9, 2001
Sad to report, however, it just isn't very good.
November 15, 2001
While this amiable romantic comedy ... is sure to please most of its target audience, others are going to leave the theater humming that Peggy Lee classic 'Is That All There Is?'
November 9, 2001
Though frequently festive, Punks' performances are uneven, and the predictable narrative, while avoiding melodramatic traps, slips into sappy ones.
November 6, 2001
[A] mixture of heavy-handed poignancy, hopefulness in the face of adversity and bitchy dialogue.
November 1, 2001
Even without the pre-title announcement that this romantic comedy is writer-director Patrik-Ian Polk's first film, it's pretty obvious that we're in the hands of a beginner.