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½ August 1, 2017
Sad, beautifully shot movie. Perhaps even Faye Dunaway's best role? I gotta think on that but boy is she perfect in this.

A really surprisingly empathetic film - Lou clearly has issues but the movie never dismisses her as much as the men around her seem to do. You get the sense most of her problems come from her obsession with male affirmation. She needs to be told she's attractive, she needs to sleep with somebody to confirm her attractiveness, she needs attention, she needs people to be after her - but can you blame her when it's literally all she knows? Starting with when she's 15 and some creep older man uses his star power to assault her... she's been conditioned to need to be needed, but she realizes she doesn't actually want what she wants and it throws her entire world into chaos.

It makes me think of the Serge Gainsbourg quote: "We take women for what they are not, and leave them for what they are."
June 17, 2017
Faye Dunaway is amazing.: talent, beauty and intelligence.
Jerry Schatzberg's first movie is impressive.
½ November 2, 2011
PORTRAIT D'UNE ENFANT DECHUE. Ressorti sur les ecrans parisiens, ce film de Jerry Schatzberg de 1970 est une oeuvre forte et puissante tiree d'une histoire vraie.
Ancien mannequin super celebre, Lou Andreas Sand s'est isolee dans une maison au bord de l'ocean. Elle recoit la visite de son ami photographe Aaron Reinhardt avec qui elle tente de faire le point sur sa vie. On voyage alors dans un puzzle ou son existence est tour a tour mensonge et realite, grandeur et decadence, fierte et humiliation.
La formidable Faye Dunaway, grande star de l'epoque, nous emporte des les premieres secondes du film avec sa voix incroyablement sensuelle et sophistiquee, son jeu si intensement parfait que la plus grande partie du film est faite de ses gros plans. On est totalement subjuge par cette beaute parfois glamour, parfois pathetique, se trahissant elle-meme tant elle cherche a cacher ses demons.
Si le film a un peu vieilli dans sa realisation, la puissance du fond demeure: la beaute est-elle un don ou un fardeau?
Celle de Faye Dunaway nous marque a jamais.
September 8, 2008
Great portrait of beauty, is it a gift? Is it a curse? Is getting old a punishment for our life style? A very subtle cinematography and a touching performance by Faye Dunaway.
August 28, 2008
It's easy to see why Dunaway took off later on, but the look into fashion photography is more dreary than anything.
August 10, 2008
seriously incredible. faye dunaway does some amazing stuff here. i'm just in love with this.
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