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September 3, 2011
The movie had my favorite pairing of the time ... Salman & Kajol ... both looking cute, hot and just perfect!!
Story-wise the flick was strictly ok ... rather typical Bollywood rom-com ... but the music was great, and leads were just awesome!!
March 20, 2011
Muskaan (Kajol) is an orphan girl living on a farm run by her overly-protective older brother, Vishal (Arbaaz Khan) and their 'Chachu' (Dharmendra). Muskaan's childhood friend, Ujaala (Anjala Zhaveri), has been carrying a torch for the brooding Vishal since childhood, but he won't give her the time of day. Later on Muskaan decides she wants to go to university in the big city and has to persuade her brother to let her go. Once in the big city Muskaan falls for Suraj (Salman Khan). Vishal does not support this, because his terms and conditions of his future brother-in-law are very strenuous physically. And he decides to bring Muskaan back on the farm. Suraj obviously pursues her and starts working on the farm as a stable boy after a chance meeting with 'Chachu'. And then Vishaul decides to put him to the test, and he is rejected. Vishaal wants Muskaan to marry the brother of Thakur Vijay Singh (Nirmal Pandey), not knowing that Thakur Vijay Singh is doing this to merely extract vengeance against the Thakur family for a previous humiliation his own family received. So Suraj must now prevent this from happening and he must also be able to win Vishal's heart if he is really interested in marrying Muskaan (Vishal's sister).

i don't remember it now but i think i liked it. was a good romantic comedy and nice songs. funny.
November 21, 2010
A really funny movie
Super Reviewer
August 24, 2010
An interesting movie that centralizes on a small family of three, where an uncle cares for his only nephew and niece. Vishal has always been very protective of his younger sister, Muskaan. Ujala is Muskaan's only friend, and habors a secret love for Vishal. Wanting to experience college life, Muskaan travels to Mumbai. She meets Saruj, and the two become friends. Suraj's antics begin to cause trouble, and Muskaan helps him out. Their friendship blossoms into love. Vishal misses his younger sister, and decides to visit her. Suraj is not what Vishal would want in a brother-in-law, and decides to take his sister home. Suraj follows, and vies for Muskaan's hand in marriage.
Great cast- Kajol, Salman Khan, Dharmendra, Arbaaz Khan, and Anjala Zhaveri. Worthy!
½ September 25, 2009
First song is the best ever
April 15, 2009
Gud Movie with sweet story and quite stars
February 12, 2009
fab movie, nice songs
½ December 23, 2008
usd to looooove this movie!!
½ September 4, 2008
It's an romantic comedy..staring none other then kajol and salman khan
July 30, 2008
A really good movie one of the best
May 23, 2008
why to fear if u in love
May 20, 2008
why should u fear if u r in love
April 21, 2008
excellent acting by all actors and very good story...
April 4, 2008
not bad. entertaining for sure
March 23, 2008
this is my first movie in the Theatre after my tenth standars and i became a huge fan of Salman Khan and moreover i have seen this movie for 25 times in the theatre only for one special song and that is " O O jane Jaana".Till now i am the biggest fan of Salman Khan i believe.
March 10, 2008
½ March 10, 2008
Watched it yesterday after 10 years and still enjoyed it. Highly recommended !
½ March 3, 2008
its very cute and romatic
February 15, 2008
February 10, 2008
amazing acting done by sallu
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