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December 31, 2012
Phantasms of the past invading the present realm with its armies of melancholy, solitude, even metaphysical elements disturbing inner peacefulness, all of this presented in broken relationships, untied emotional bonds of a reality that is no more, against a urbanized backdrop of technological and microeconomic changes. I can't ask for anything more: my introduction to the well-respected Edward Yang was a complete emotional experience.

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½ November 1, 2012
yang's elegy for lost youth. wonderful storytelling and a touching performance by fellow director hou hsiao-hsien in the lead role
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September 27, 2011
A bit rough around the edges and with a rather typical 'new wave' stylistic approach (elliptical storytelling, silences with 'meaning', focusing on boring everyday-life activities etc.). It anticipates the beautiful 'A One and a Two' in which this style of filmmaking has matured to a considerable degree. The thematic core of the two films seem to be the same also; the unfulfilled dreams in a life that covers everything under its dust of boredom and routine, and the failure of human contact in the modern city landscape.
January 5, 2010
A very well crafted and important film
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October 8, 2009
It doesn't infiltrate the instincts and yet,it meticulously progresses in an atomic bomb of emotions,Yang sweeps the field of urban melancholy,hiring Hou in an unconventional role,the circle of defeat is imminent and what's left is struggling to survive,amidst affairs,friends,nightclubs,shattered dreams...
April 16, 2009
I've waited 15 years to see my second Edward Yang movie, and it was well worth the wait. The first, "A Brighter Summer Day," was a strange dose of unsentimental nostalgia that looked back from 1990 to 1960. "Taipei Story" is set in present-day 1985, but the outlook's similar, or maybe even darker, still sensitive to what makes the time exciting, but with no illusions about the underlying brutality. And, of course, the photography is stunning from beginning to end.
August 28, 2008
Never trust a group of youths dancing to Kenny Loggins.
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