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½ July 27, 2014
Easily the most-disappointing Quatermass entry, the four-hour BBC installment (which is the subject of this review - not the truncated "Quatermass Conclusion) sets the table for sci-fi goodness, yet leaves the viewer wanting more. Mills is fine in the lead - - as Quatermass seeks to convince the world of an alien presence harvesting the young via locations similar to Stonehenge - - it's the special effects that are to blame here, or, lack thereof. Where the Hammer Studios' entries made the most of their lean productions, this BBC seems to not even try. Such a shame, as the Nigel Kneale story is another good one, albeit slightly ambiguous given the tell-don't-show approach of the filmmakers.
January 25, 2013
As usual with Kneale, this outing for Dr Quatermass is full to bursting with wonderful ideas that touch on philosophy, sociology, theology and a lot else besides. It is a tragedy therefore that the production values here are so desperately poor, and that the actual meat of the script is so often confused. With decent art direction, a healthy budget and a tighter script, The Quatermass Conclusion could have been one of the defining moments in British sci-fi. Instead it is a fascinating but fatally flawed experiment.
½ January 13, 2013
Intriguing sci-fi weighed down by cheap FX.
Super Reviewer
April 27, 2009
"A hypnotic power overcomes an alarmingly high number of youths, turning them into mindless zombies... " Yes, it was called 'MTV.'
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