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October 26, 2016
One of my favorite flicks !
Laugh your ass off while looking at GEORGEOUS Voluptuous WOMEN with nothing fake, & scantly clad.
The movie was meant to be a joke people !!
Even the actors on the last scene were all laughing at the film and how fun it was to make, it seems.
Sexy flick_ don't listen to the Nay'Sayers unless you have no sense of humor and hate B flicks and or are a Homosexual.
When I was a kid at the baby sitters house back in the early 70's ....this flick was on TV and one of the little boys watching with us got a 'Stiffy'. The baby sitter said, "Jason ? Do you have to potty ? You look like you have to potty."
The kid said, "No, Mrs Mitchell....these Space girls just get my dingee !!"
We all just cracked up laughing. So be careful while watching this flick ! The space girls might just get your dingee too !
½ June 16, 2016
Pretty bad, but had to see it for zsa zsa.
June 11, 2016
Definitely 50's campy sexist Mystery Science Theater fare. The awful special effects, contrived excuse for a plot, and cliched Venusian space babes in high heels desperate for men from earth, along with who else but Zsa Zsa Gabor seals the deal as one of the worst sci-fi films ever.
August 23, 2014
I love it. For all the wrong reasons
August 22, 2014
Queen of Outer Space is pretty bad but at the same time its entertaining even though its cheesy, corny and incredibly campy for most of the film
July 18, 2014
So bad it's good. Have a few drinks, sit back then ridicule the bad acting, bad script, cheap sets and dreadful male chauvinism. Hey, Zsa Zsa looked great. Never seen her at that age before.
July 17, 2014
A crew of astronauts crash lands on Venus and are then captured by the inhabitants of the planet, who all happen to be short-skirt-wearing Amazonians. Adapted by regular "Twilight Zone" writer Charles Beaumont from a Ben Hecht story, the film is certainly not the smart type of writing that either man was typically known for, but it makes no pretentious about what it is and is entertaining enough in a silly Saturday Matinee kind of way. Reused stock footage from other film and I thought the astronaut uniforms looked like copies of the uniforms from "Forbidden Planet" but then I read that they actually were the uniforms from "Forbidden Planet". And if you were wondering, the star of the film, Zsa Zsa Gabor, does not play the titular Queen and plays one of the Amazonian scientists.
July 12, 2014
This was suppose to be horror but it's hilarious and fun!
What people use to think was scary or what computers or lasers were... And all the women dressed for the ball running around the forest with jewelry?? Great fun!!
½ June 11, 2014
Awful, pointless and unbearable
Super Reviewer
June 4, 2014
Absurdly entertaining junk with Zsa Zsa the resident Venusian scientist by way of Hungary. She's gorgeous as are the rest of the ladies, although Zsa Zsa has that extra something, but the film is wildly sexist and at times unintentionally laugh out loud funny.
½ January 5, 2014
Dumb as a brick, but worth seeing for the hilarious sexism and almost total absence of science in a science-fiction film. Also, Zsa Zsa stinks up the place with her 'acting' like a 10 day old corpse. Camperama.
April 20, 2012
Corny, campy, cheesy and mysoginistic. Zsa Zsa vas lahvley, Dahling.
April 18, 2012
campy sci-fi fun from the year i was born!
½ March 4, 2012
Campy, Women, and Zsa Zsa Gabor. That's pretty much what this movie is about, oh, and. . . there are no men on the planet, only Women and a hand full of men from Earth. What's a guy to do? Campy Sci-Fi at its best.
June 21, 2011
50s sci-fi B-movie rendered unintentionally hilarious by its relentless sexism. It's just as hokey as you'd expect, with its over the top performances, cheap special effects, and preposterous plot all part of the campy fun. A cult classic.
June 18, 2011
Celebrating Pride by watching Zsa Zsa Gabor in a campy 1950's sci-fi flick, Perfect ending to the day.
½ June 18, 2011
It's pretty rare that an old movie is this bad. It's silly bad. Just, like what? I mean, scenes, characters, acting, plot, sets, direction, dialogue... practically everything could have been done better. The girls are pretty and it's bad enough where it's funny, so maybe that's something.
½ June 17, 2011
So bad it's good. Hard to imagine the cheesy, chauvinistic dialogue was written by Charles Beaumont based on a story by Ben Hecht. Zsa Zsa is stunning, dahlng
June 17, 2011
It's hard to rate this properly...it is SO AWFUL...but it's camp at the top of the heap. And for those of us who watched the original Star Trek, you can totally see where that show got some of their sets. The earthmen are so stupid that we actually want them to be blasted to atoms by women in miniskirts.
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