Quest Reviews

February 23, 2018
There is no grand narrative or point to be hammered home; instead, Olshefski delivers a subtle, sincere and honest portrait of barely making ends meet in modern America.
January 4, 2018
"Quest" could very easily have been titled "An American Family" as well.
December 14, 2017
Through eight years of filming ... the director discovers an everyday American story of extraordinary strength.
December 9, 2017
Olshefski captures the frustration, resignation and determination that leaves you struck by this family -- average in their concerns but extraordinary in their dedication to one another.
December 8, 2017
Quest speaks volumes about working-class life and the necessity of community, parenting, perseverance, speaking out, speaking up, hope.
December 8, 2017
[An] extraordinary documentary.
March 21, 2019
Moments like these speak to people's basic humanity and, combined with the Rainey clan's refusal to suffer defeat, give us reason to be optimistic.
December 22, 2018
[The Raineys are] fascinating subjects to say the least and director Jonathan Olshefski couldn't have made them more interesting if he'd written them.
November 1, 2018
The gentle, persistent rhythm of the film's pacing subtly underlines the family's continual push forward against all odds and since you feel so incredibly lucky to spend any time in their company.
October 10, 2018
To strip the preconceptions away and simply watch as a family prevails against the stacked deck their country sustains to keep them down is to see an honest slice of America.