Qui a tué Bambi? (Who Killed Bambi?) Reviews

June 28, 2005
A sleek and cool thriller that never quite boils over into all-out suspense, which feels enticing but also a bit dull and overlong.
December 8, 2004
Who Killed Bambi? is fun to watch, and newcomer Quinton has big, beautiful eyes, but the movie's contrived plot, forced conclusion and sentimental denouement rob it of real suspense and meaning.
December 3, 2004
Who Killed Bambi? does for doctors what Psycho did for showers.
November 19, 2004
Kept me squirming in my seat for its entire running time.
November 18, 2004
A cool, dry spin on the hospital horror story, steeps the classic woman-in-peril scenario in allusions to Disney's uber-innocent.
November 12, 2004
Marchand capably builds suspense, thanks to a twisty script and nervy performances by Lucas and Quinton.
November 11, 2004
Perhaps not since 1978's Coma has a hospital stay been scarier.
November 9, 2004
A sustained atmosphere of bleached-out horror.
October 6, 2004