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June 23, 2014
A quiet, poetic gem of a film. Wonderful, naturalistic performances from both leads, and the story is subtly engaging and effective.
November 11, 2012
The second film from director Aaron Katz, Quiet City is an ode to genuine, loving human interaction. The story of two would be/could be lovers that incidentally cross paths in New York, the film is as quiet and modest as it's title suggests. The lead actors give competent partially improvised performances as their characters meander through the city getting to know each other and enjoying life in the patient and unpretentious way that many of us never find in another. The trust and ease that these characters give each other is infectious and illustrates the simple beauty that can be found in normal everyday life when we give it the chance. Nothing big or outrageous happens in this film and that's the point. Why spoil something so wonderful?
May 6, 2012
I don't think this was a bad movie at all. It was simple and innocent and very genuine. A real feeling to the movie and great actors for getting nothing in return. I have heard it was made on a 2000 dollar budget. And for that and the simple little intimacy it had to it i applaud. Definatly rent first, but if your in a simple casual mood and want to look at the smaller details of a simple connection you should look this up.
April 30, 2012
before sunrise?not quite ....im really not sure of this movie..
½ March 20, 2012
first Mumblecore works i've, not bad ... but not great .
½ November 15, 2011
I remember liking this quite a bit.
November 1, 2011
Watching this movie in class put me in a really good mood. It's such a beautiful movie with it's simple script and unique imagery of NYC. I loved this.
½ September 12, 2011
Just right. I don't even really care what happened to Samantha.
½ August 7, 2011
Everything a faithful, lo-fi, micro budget Scott Pilgrim should've been...and then some.
July 29, 2011
Shot on a $2,500 budget..

A mumblecore flick, heavily inspired by "Before Sunrise", though falls short on many aspects, mainly because of the completely improvised dialogue, which most of it was nonsense that should've been edited out, which also lead to some poor acting that shows heavily on the screen.

There was also the almost total lack of cinematography, which made it look like an average home video, not something that's been shot on HD, with the exception of very few scenes.

Another aspect that totally intensified the movie's amaturish feel is the terrible sound, it wasn't professionally done, leading to that home movie feel once again.
March 26, 2011
not unlike if the people in Before Sunrise didn't say a single interesting thing for 90 minutes.
½ November 6, 2010
Every generation needs its own version of "Before Sunrise"
½ October 27, 2010
3.5: It's remarkable that a picture like this could be made with a budget of $2,500 (according to imdb). Bravo. Katz definitely knows what he's doing. This film works on just about every level. The characters are compelling and unique; the music sets the mood wonderfully; NYC is authentically depicted on screen in ways we're not entirely accustomed to; the City does indeed seem pretty Quiet; and the story is touching, romantic, simple, plausible, and free enough to keep things more than interesting. I was very surprised at how effective I found the film to be. I am perhaps being over generous with a 3.5, but I thought it was one of the stronger/strongest Mumblecore pictures I've seen to date. Once again, it's a little slice of life and kind of wanders around the edges of a story, without really settling into a definite track. If not handled properly this can result in disaster, as I've seen before and recently, but here Katz manages to walk the razor's edge on come out relatively unscathed on the other side. One element I've been meaning to write about is the apparent apathy most of this segment of society has for what would be considered conventional convenience and comfort. Everyone in these films seems to have come from a middle class background, but they often seem to lack direction or motivation to improve their lot. Many could be properly characterized as aimless slackers and hipsters. I can't help but wonder where these characters are going to be in twenty, thirty, or forty years. Will they be better off or worse off than their parents? The answer is not at all apparent to me.
½ July 4, 2010
I am always fascinated by these fly-on-the-wall styled mumblecore films. This one's pretty good, and like pretty much all of those films, nothing really happens. At just under 80 minutes it's very short, which is good, because any longer and it would be pushing it. This one really reminded me of Medicine for Melancholy, except in New York instead of San Franciso.
April 30, 2010
I found this movie strangely compelling, almost in a "Lost in Translation" sort of way. Every now and then its nice to see a movie that is very real, and thats what I thought about this. I think if you liked a movie like "Lost in Translation" then you might like this too.
April 11, 2010
I LOVE this film. It just captures a realism of NY young people that you don't really see in movies. The girl is a carbon copy of someone I know.
½ March 23, 2010
my favorite non-comedy mumblecore flick
½ February 6, 2010
for how little there is to it, this movie clicked with me.
February 4, 2010
A small film that seems to catch the essence of New York, a place I truly adore, better than any Hollywood movie in recent memory. These two people have a certain chemistry about them that made the whole scenario believable to me. I really loved the character of Jaime, but Charlie warmed up to me after while.

My biggest beef are the sections of the film where you can tell the actors are just improvising. When it works, it's amazing filmmaking. When it doesn't, I groaned a little bit. It doesn't happen too often, but it's what took the rating down for me.

It's just a beautiful little film that I enjoyed highly.
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