Quinceañera Reviews

August 25, 2007
This celebrated Sundance prizewinner doesn't look quite so special. Actually, it seems Very Special--as in one of those Very Special Episodes of an ongoing television series.
November 3, 2006
The underwhelming drama contains echoes of so many other indie flicks that anything original is all but drowned out.
September 23, 2006
The storytelling remains less than satisfying, particularly the ending.
August 31, 2006
It feels awkward, both in the pat screenplay and the uneven direction.
August 31, 2006
You realize that, while pretending to break ground, Quinceañera is ultimately stuck in familiar Hollywood formulas.
August 25, 2006
Problematic is Rios' central performance... or non-performance. Her Magdalena is too phlegmatic to jibe with the tough, strong-willed individual the yarn calls for.
August 25, 2006
Sweet, formulaic and forgettable.
August 13, 2006
[Quinceanera] closes the door on bigger ideas about unexpected consequences and the sadness of waiting for opportunity that never comes.
August 12, 2006
It's all such a throwback, and yet there's something rather sweet about the way this pot boils.
August 5, 2006
The film gives the impression it is insulting its subjects rather than celebrating them.
August 2, 2006
... a we're-down- with-the- locals indie kitchen-sink drama ...
August 2, 2006
Completely forgettable ... [it's] a cross between an after-school television special and a Spanish-language soap opera.
February 16, 2006
This crowd-pleasing indie, which elevates the Latino characters to the level of mythic sainthood while penalizing the white characters, particularly upscale gays, might prove offensive to sophisticated viewers in general and gays in particular.