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October 6, 2013
A lil late arrival in the city, this 1z an AR musical treat with some beautifully captured cinematographic xtravaganza. A strong plot and an equally novel script away from the conventional glossy picture perfect climax. The movie cleverly xploits Dhanush's attributes and makes it to one of his finest feats. Though a few lows whilst delivering punchlines (apparently the accent glitch), Dhanush is quick to make it up with his trademark simpleton style and whacky moves.. The rustic beauty of Banaras comes alive with some gr8 tracks and beautifully shot visuals by Natarajan. Overall an effort worth all its acclaims..
October 6, 2013
Music is pretty good & Kundan's character was well acted by D.
October 5, 2013
Loved the movie. Dhanush as an actor is superb and it shows that the looks dont matter but energy and passion does. It is a fast paced love story shot in Beneras and Delhi. Good music by AR Rehman, See it if you want to see a contemporary but a very different love story.
September 9, 2013
It was a sweet movie. Sad too
September 8, 2013
Before Intermission :) After Intermission :(
½ September 4, 2013
The Movie is Intense, Bold and completely realistic.
A very good attempt to Bollywood Cinema, and DISCLAIMER: This is NOT any other feel good love story.
The art Direction, and costumes stand out. MUSIC is such a BIG PLUS and the Album, will be among AR Rahman's good ones. Sonam has matured herself as an actress and she does a very good job. This is a Dhanush movie, and he does wonderful work throughout. I am not a Dhanush fan, while I've never even considered him as a good actor. This movie changes it..! Aanand Rai should be complemented for such a brave effort to get such a complicated plot, to hindi cinema, without loosing the essence.
September 4, 2013
Disappointing! Good acting skills wasted.
September 4, 2013
at times it felt very repetitive and boring. Could become slow but I have to say Dhanush's dialogue delivery was fantastic.
August 30, 2013
The movie post its first 40 mins suffers from serious mishap in the story line and a character that does not require Abhay Deol to play it. Post intermission the movie takes a total different route all together and fall down the cliff and shatter into pieces that can never be remembered nor can be corrected back to its form.
August 22, 2013
Day: Tuesday
Date: 20 Aug 2013
Time: 9.30 pm
With: Maa
August 19, 2013
It's not the kind of happy ending you would expect in a Bollywood movie; but it's an acceptable ending(all things considered)
The movie has a very different story-line compared to all the boy meets girl stories out there... as an audience i felt and understood the journey that the characters went through, and the justification of their actions in the movie. so hats off to the director, the writer and the cast.
August 18, 2013
En el 2013 Bollywood ha evolucionado bastante, Esta historia que involucra elementos del cine Tamil Como su protagonista pasa desde una historia de amor adolescente hasta un Drama político con todo y los respectivos números musicales que son característicos del cine hindu

La historia de Kundan que es hindú y de Zoya que es árabe. Atraviesa. Capítulos de Romeo y Julieta y los. Sigue por anios y anios a través de Los Altos y mayoría de los bajos que tiene su relación est condenada desde el principio por su diferente, finalmente cuando ella regresa el pueblo y niega conocerlo la historia toma un giro bastante tráfico, Que desafortunadamente hace la segunda mitad de la película bastante pesadita.

Uno de los elementos más interesante de esta historia es conocer la cultura e idiosincrasia de un país que están Tan lejano del nuestro
August 15, 2013
After hearing lots of bad reviews and low expectation from the director (whose last film was not that good) i watched the movie yesterday. To my surprise I liked the movie a lot. The 1st half was fantastic and the 2nd half was good (not pathetic as per reviews I have read) again last 10 mins was excellent. Infact the movies depicts one of the best death scene in bollywood ever.
August 13, 2013
one of the best movie to watch this year from india
August 1, 2013
Best Love story ever...
Everyone must watch it for two times atleast...
best acting of dhanush.. else sonam is not so interacted in this movie...
½ July 20, 2013
Most over-rated movie of this year.Only good thing was Dhanush, the supporting actors and few witty one liners. Loose script, loose direction and nothing extra-ordinary. The story was a complete chaotic mixture. Once again disappointed by the response of public.
½ July 18, 2013
In the hinterlands of the country, Love is still unabashed, heartfelt and mostly tends to begin as one-sided. As the boy devotes himself to the girl at first sight, his life centers around the charming crush that wouldn't last much longer because either the family or politics would intervene. Yet, in the colorful and vivacious town of Benaras unfolds one such childhood crush that grows into a painstaking pursuit of love. National award winner, Dhanush, plays the innocent and impulsive Kundan while Sonam Kapoor, in one of her most impressive performances is Zoya. Director Aanand Raj ('Tanu weds Manu') infuses a small town love story with several twists and a political angle to raise the stakes of lovers and haters alike.

Kundan's persistent, at times wacky approach to woo Zoya leads to multiple slaps but eventually, the fondness grows while they are barely in high school. But ofcourse, this wasn't acceptable by Zoya's parents and she is thus sent out of the city to study, leaving Kundan and his promises of timeless love.
Upon her return to Benaras years later, she takes a while to recognize Kundan, who is now a handyman at her family home. Kundan's love for her is still only his to keep and not to share as Zoya found her soulmate in Akram/Jasjeet (Abhay Deol). As an idealist leader in the J.N. University, Abhay Deol's convincing portrayal is briefly interrupted by Kundan's foolhardy decision. Dejected and rejected, Kundan finds no solace for himself until he indirectly gets involved in Jasjeet's political movement which is now spearheaded by Zoya. Kundan's pure intentions, upfront attitude and outspoken confidence garner faith from his comrades but not from the one he yet loves. Through a series of twists in the story, writer Himanshu Sharma challenges Kundan's dedicated love and Raanjhanaa is a tale of its triumph.

With his pure intentions, unabashed dialogues and simpleton charm, Kundan makes us take his side in the story even though the writer and director frequently challenge his impulsive and immature decisions. The credit has to go to the National award winner Dhanush, who is a departure from the heroes of Bollywood. Yet there is some innocence and sincerity in him that is undeniable. Take his dancing as an example. No hindi film actor would dance vigorously but that is precisely Dhanush's unique charm that works in this film. Even though his dialogues might come out unabashed, he is effective in standing his ground with his delivery. Dhanush joins the ranks of Mahadevan and Siddharth among a few others who leave a great impression for their hindi film debut.
Sonam Kapoor has a stronger character compared to her previous roles. She does well in holding her own especially in the second half. While she looks beautiful as a small town girl in the song and dance of the first half, her versatility shows in the parts when she leads a group of rebellious young thinkers.
Abhay Deol has a brief yet prominent role that changes the course of the one-sided love story. At times, we wish for his commanding character to have shades of his oldest brother but that might be too much to ask for. The rest of the supporting cast is fresh and their natural acting does lend to the film's realistic feeling.

A.R.Rahman's music isn't the finest he has produced. Tum tak sounds like it wasn't composed for a hindi film while tu man shudi is an excellent merging of two very talented artists, Rahman himself and Rabbi Shergill. Raanjhanaa might remain the most memorable track through with its melody and image of Dhanush's vivacious dancing. The rest of the music is almost forgettable and adds to the film's precious length.

Aanand Raj enriches this simple love story using plot twists as its main attraction. While exacting fine performances from the lead actors, he creates tragedy, sorrow, anger, joy and tenderness around love to revive the genre of soulful romantic movies. Raanjhanaa tends to be more real than a fairy tale, occasionally wavering to the extremes.
Watch it for its twists, for Dhanush's sincere performance, laudable dialogues and for Sonam Kapoor's impressive portrayal of Zoya, for whom Kundan became a Raanjhanaa.

- 7.773 on a scale of 1-10.
July 17, 2013
Didn't cut it for me. It was an okay movie but their acting was spot on. Good actors.
½ July 16, 2013
saw a good innocent love story after a long time.....gud screeplay , nice script with a feel good x factor to it...a high skul inter caste love story of banaras gets a bit meesy when the father of the muslim girls gets to know abt her affair wid a hindu guy....then a new chapter starts when the girl moves to delhi n falls fr another young hindu politician n returns to banaras where her x flame is still dreaming of her....
unconditional love isnt when a guy dares to fight against odds against 10 villians(any stupid egoist guy cn do dat fr der friends gf too) but when a innocent dumb guy tries to fix all her problems wid some other guy jst coz he wnt to see her smile even if without her...dats LOVE for me!
July 11, 2013
one of the best movie i've ever seen..
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