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February 15, 2014
After seeing there were no reviews for this stinker of a movie, I decided one had to be added. This is absolutely the worst movie ever made. No one should ever watch it for any reason. After hearing that Joan Rivers had mortgaged her house to help make the movie, I envisioned her later having to live in a tent. It's an awful movie.
June 17, 2011
I nominate this ho' for Worst Hollywood Movie Ever Made, for being offensive on so many levels. Worst Script, Worst Dialogue, Worst comedy, Worst Directing. Sub-title it "Billy's Big Mistake". Arnie and Emma Thomson did a movie 20 years later that was similar in concept but superior in execution. When you aim as low as possible and still miss, that's not good. We're not laughing with you, Joan, we're laughing at you. Even 33 years later.
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