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Racing Daylight Quotes

  • Sadie Stokes: There have always been Stokes'in Cedarsville.

  • Henry: Now, I'm content to watch Sadie racing daylight, trying to reach my arms before the light fads behind the trees.

  • Henry: You know when people hang around like this, you have to think that their waiting for something.

  • Henry: It's like a game of chess. But that's a game that should only be played on a board, not with people, don't you think?

  • Henry: There was this lady from West Virginia, her name was Brown. Had twenty three children and sixteen of them were boys. All joined the Union Army and all gone.

  • Sadie Stokes: Part of losing your mind is freeing it.

  • Sadie Stokes: The crazy mind creates it's own order.

  • Sadie Stokes: Everything I have belonged to someone else before me.

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