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May 23, 2010
alur yang lambat serta menjadi kendala utama film ini...,, dgn cerita persahabatn yg bagus serta konflik yg menyertai...
May 10, 2010
Sean Penn is stellar as usual. :)
March 29, 2010
There are an unbelievable amount of coming of age films knocking about and despite fairly high level acting performances from Sean Penn (a guy who I usually can't stand) and the awesome Nicolas Cage (always great when playing a guy with a questionable level of sanity) there isn't really a great deal that is memorable about Racing with the Moon to separate it from any of the rest.
March 18, 2010
Had some pretty good moments, and all the acting is great, just the story didn't grab me. I don't know, it just kinda fell flat all around.
½ January 31, 2010
40 sekunder med Crispin Glover.
November 2, 2009
A decent movie worth watching one time, if only for Nicolas Cage. Sean Penn wasn't that great in this.
½ October 14, 2009
Wow, this was actually a great movie.
½ August 1, 2009
'Racing with the Moon' is a gentle coming of age drama set in 1942 California, lovingly created with impeccable period detail that is lightly dusted with amusing juvenile frolics and wholesome charm reminiscent of the era.

However, beneath the placid surface of the pleasantly quaint story is a nostalgic glimpse of traditional small town America as a microcosm of a bygone age of innocence that was lost in the bloodshed of WW2.

Sean Penn and Nicolas Cage star as two reckless youths walking the path from childhood to adulthood beneath the gathering clouds of war, which cast doleful shadows upon their bitter-sweet journey to maturity, responsibility and the awaking of love in the form of the luminous Elizabeth McGovern.

Their childish idealisms, glorifying senseless violence through naivety and misguided patriotism, are challenged by the poisonous hatred of conflict that is gradually seeping into their insular community and threatening their humble existence.

The thin veil, which once masked the harsh truths, falls in a tear sodden heap as the mothers and fathers bid farewell to their ill prepared sons, sent to face a reality beyond comprehension.

'Racing with the Moon' benefits from confident performances by Hollywood's rising stars, riding the crest of the wave of celebrity. Each deliver quietly insightful performances, infused with youthful exuberance, painting a vivid portrait of a doomed generation slowly coming to terms with its fate.
July 6, 2009
It was on Netflix, I think, where it was listed that people who enjoyed Racing with the Moon also enjoyed Say Anything. I'd say that's about right, since both are funny and moving films documenting a seemingly simple set of relationships in a remarkably realistic way.

Racing with the Moon tells the story of Henry (Penn) and his pal Nicky (Cage), two teenagers getting ready to be shipped off to fight in World War II. In trying to keep their minds off of the war, though, the boys try to re-live their younger days of hopping speeding trains. They also look to the girls in the town for some companionship.
Which is how Henry comes along Caddie (McGovern). His initial attraction to her is probably mostly physical, but he's convinced himself that he is in love with her. Rather than being coy and quiet, merely an object for Henry's affections to fall onto, Caddie turns the tables by proving to be even more extroverted than he is. When Henry tries to act suave by chatting her up at the library, Caddie returns the favor by springing a Christmas Eve date on him... with her best friend.

But that's what makes the movie so special. We get to watch how the characters slowly grow toward one another. The way that Caddie watches Henry to see who he really is, the way he slowly gets to know her and learn how to impress her. Their relationship is organic, not the product of some cheap screenwriting trick where we cut to a montage of them talking on the phone to stand in for actual romance. These kids really begin to care for one another, and it's a spectacular thing to be witness to that.

In addition to that wondrous relationship, there is the one between Henry and Nicky. When Nicky gets himself into trouble, Henry goes to great lengths to help him out. Their shared experiences, their shared destiny, draw them together. The way that the story of Nicky's trouble is dependent on and convergent with the story of Henry and Caddie's relationship (and another important plotline involving a lie-of-omission from Caddie) puts Henry in a position where he feels pressured to choose between two people that he is loyal to.

There are times when screenwriter Steve Kloves (every Harry Potter movie) can push you to scoffing with thinly-veiled metaphors like, "The bird of freedom don't come cheap." But more often than not, the humor and the well-built relationships win out. What's more: Cage, Penn, and McGovern are all fantastic in this film.

I don't know what else to say. I liked Racing with the Moon a lot.
April 30, 2009
It`s a good classic-style, tender story, always up to date...
Super Reviewer
March 7, 2009
sounds great, good cast...
March 6, 2009
I found this movie boring and uninteresting, but I didn't watch the whole film, so I'd be willing to give it a second look.
½ October 11, 2008
Funny and painful. Its a coming-of-age film with a difference. The cast is superb and you will laugh and cry - no matter who you are.
September 27, 2008
This was a good movie about two young men that want to live life to the max before they are going out a war. A lot of thing happens before they are going away.
September 21, 2008
Took me by surprise. Very well done.
August 12, 2008
A lesser-known movie; a sweet romance and coming-of-age story. Starring Sean Penn, Nic Cage, and Elizabeth McGovern in their youths. Written by Steve Kloves, who would later write the screenplays for "The Fabulous Baker Boys," "Wonder Boys," and the Harry Potter movies.
½ May 24, 2008
First saw this when I was too young to understand just how serious the situations that the boys found themselves in were. Still loved it enough to watch it every time it came on.
April 16, 2008
wow, a lot of familiar faces in this, also an excellent flick
March 13, 2008
I was pleasantly surprised by this movie. It was a really good film.
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