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½ March 20, 2011
Obviously I wanted to watch this movie based purely on the name. I was really hoping for a whip-toting, fedora-wearing zombie hunter but what we got was‚¶ well I‚(TM)m not really sure. I still have no idea what the plot of this movie was. However, there was one highlight: the theme song! This brilliant 80s rock anthem opens the movie and appears throughout the film in different forms. Cheesy, yes, but fun and oddly catchy. Don‚(TM)t let the trailer fool you (because the trailer is pretty funny), this movie sucks pretty bad‚¶ aside from that theme song!
½ March 10, 2011
RofLD is the worst zombie film ever made, hands-down. The pacing is inept. The zombies are so sparse throughout you will forget about them entirely. I cannot begin to describe how this film fails on many levels. The only redeeming aspect of this dvd is the catchy theme and beginning credit sequence which teases the viewer with a the prospect of a fun and cheesy 80's era cult-classic. Fail.
October 20, 2010
some shots were too long in one place like the kid working on the player for his grandpa and the music is god aweful even for the 80's. Sound track just didn't match the mivie.
½ April 13, 2010
the stars are cuz the theme song rocks.
½ April 9, 2010
Way back in the early days of low-budget horror director icon Brett Piper, he created a short film called Dying Days about a reporter who gets entangled with zombies thanks to a long, horrid curse in his family. Well, a small-time head honcho of a defunct movie studio, Sam Sherman, decides to take Brett Piper's film and "make it better" by changing up 75% of the film to involve the reporter getting attacked by zombies, only to survive and enlist the help of his new cop girlfriend, an old man, his young genius son (lol, Scotty Schwartz from The Toy, then!), his little girlfriend, and their newly developed laser gun. What started out as a quirky, fun, old school Piper film (filled with titties and gore of course) now turns into a horribly boring, painfully corny, boobie-less and gore-less snoozefest with laughable zombie action. No seriously, the zombies vs. kids laser gun is hysterical. Most importantly, the molding of two very different films here is incredibly obvious and just horribly done. Thank goodness I rented this first instead of impulse buying! I'd say if you're going to rent this turkey, stick to the Dying Days movie instead, or better yet, watch both to see the incredible differences and bastard changes done.
½ December 18, 2009
this is a zombie movie????? f**k all in it.
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½ October 22, 2009
A little bit better then I expected
½ September 22, 2009
OMG ROFL!!!!!!!!! i have this on VHS burried deep in the storage shed. the most awful "zombie" flick i have ever watched
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July 25, 2008
Hmmm..gotta see this!
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