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The thrills are fully consumed while you're seeing this movie, and it's totally over when it's over. It's a workout. You feel as if you'd been to the desert digs: at the end your mind is blank, yet you're parched, you're puffing hard -- you want relief.

May 27, 2008 Full Review Source: New Yorker | Comments (64)
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Some guy you dont know

Bruce Campbell

What is wrong with you... I mean now I've lost all respect for you. Great job.

May 27 - 07:01 PM


Charles Hinds

This is the most blasphemous article I have ever tried to read. The whole thing is like a movie trailer? Inst that a good thing?

Never again will we see an action movie as good as this.

Jun 1 - 03:23 PM


Jamie Flow

Never again? We saw a better one just a few years later with Last Crusade.

Oct 21 - 07:13 PM


Jamie Flow

Ignore my last comment, I got confused and thinking this was Temple of Doom rather than Raiders. Sorry

Oct 21 - 07:15 PM

Rob H.

Rob Hansen

no worries its still true

Aug 17 - 05:39 AM


Jamie Flow

She gave a positive review to Temple of Doom strangely enough

Oct 21 - 07:17 PM


Michael Dodd

Kael gave a positive review to Temple of Doom? Really? As far as horrible sequels go, Temple is second only to the Blues Brothers 2000...

Feb 1 - 11:04 AM


Christopher Doucette

Was the staff here high when they let you become a "top critic" because you are about the dumbest piece of **** alive.

Jun 10 - 11:29 AM


Felix Charest

Raiders is untouchable.
Not because it became a legend and you must love a legend or else you'll be trashed by everybody... Raiders is more than that. This is the action-adventure movie on the top of the genre.
If you don't know the genre, don't touch Raiders.

Go see Free Willy.


Jun 15 - 10:00 PM


Bruce Wayne

Translation: She got OWNED by this movie

Jul 7 - 10:46 AM

This comment has been removed.

Charlie T.

Charlie Tyrganst

I love Raiders as much as the next guy...but that's just not cool.

"This critic has been dead for 7 years, so at least she can't do any more damage!"

What damage? Raiders of the Lost Arc is a classic and no review makes it otherwise. You are a sad person if you think a person deserves to die because they didn't like a good movie. You are just a shitty human being and I think Indiana Jones would kick your ass if he heard that disgusting and classless response.

Apr 28 - 04:00 PM

Peter W.

Peter Winters

It was a joke u whiny baby

Oct 10 - 10:12 AM


will molinar

I know you are rotting in hell right now, so I will leave it to Satan to punish you for this. Can we remove this piece of garbage from this site, please?

Aug 31 - 05:02 PM

Jim C.

Jim Cameron

how can u say that? hte ****s amatta wit u

Feb 1 - 04:54 PM


Zack Whipkey

Dumb critic

Nov 24 - 04:22 PM


Will Webb

Jesus Christ! this is one of the greatest action films of all time and you say it sucks?

Nov 29 - 07:11 PM

Jansen v.

Jansen van der Spuy

From Wikipedia:

In his 1988 film Willow, George Lucas named the lead villain "General Kael," after the critic. Kael had often reviewed Lucas' work without enthusiasm; in her own (negative) review of Willow, she stylishly described the character as an "hommage a moi."

Oh! Owned by Lucas!

Dec 17 - 02:48 PM

Evan H.

Evan Hossick


Jan 2 - 10:11 PM

Jansen v.

Jansen van der Spuy

Pauline, eh? Sounds like a chick name. Not to be too sexist, but has anyone else noticed recently all of the bad reviews coming from women?

Mar 3 - 05:14 PM

David W.

John Warner

You are ridiculous. Not only is "Raiders of the Lost Ark" the absolute epitome of action films, but it has made a tremendous impact on the genre itself. The film also created one of the most well recognized characters of all time. It is seriously baffling to me how someone could give this film a negative review. Frankly, it pisses me off.

Jun 10 - 12:04 PM

Nathaniel B.

Nathaniel Barr

Raiders is boring.

Jul 11 - 10:58 PM

Jim C.

Jim Cameron

ur shooting ur mouth off cuz u want a **** inserted. dont ever forget that

Feb 1 - 04:55 PM

Kassem Jaber

Kassem Jaber

No, it is not. You're just a retard

Jun 1 - 06:46 PM

Film Ninja

Toronto Dog

If Pauline hated the quick cutting of this movie, then Armageddon would have made her head explode! Her review is very fair.

This is a completely trashy action movie that doesn't allow a moment to catch your breath! But this is probably the best movie like that ever made. Modern action movies have even more rapid edits and even less plot development than this movie did, so it now looks slow and methodical by comparison!

Kael was probably the greatest film critic ever and influenced movies more than most filmmakers, so don't dismiss her views as just trying to be controversial. Although I would disagree with her about "Raiders" because I was struck with absolute wonder when I saw this as a child, which I believe is the purpose of this movie, not to be an important cinematic masterpiece.

It still succeeds at being any 12 year old boy's greatest thrill in the world of film!

Jul 29 - 02:58 PM

Shiva the God of Death

Noah F

Going a little too far to call her the greatest critic ever made, but at least you have some respect for her unlike all the other jokes on this review comment page.

Feb 22 - 08:33 PM


Lucio Fulci

Seriously. This is shocking. I loved raiders but Kaels review is spot on and brilliant. The industry changed for the worse and she saw it coming.

May 8 - 04:50 PM

Peter W.

Peter Winters

Seriously , you're eye-popping maggotly stupid. Kael was a dinosaur by this time, trashing every move in sight.

Oct 10 - 10:15 AM

Charles R.

Charles R

go die

Oct 17 - 04:58 PM

Stop Staring At My Name

Jack Dabronzke don't like this movie because it is so thrilling, you want something to calm you down...what, do you want the credits to be ****ing spa music!!!

Oct 28 - 04:31 PM


Rossiter Drake

In all fairness, she's been dead for years... so, to call her the "dumbest piece of sh*t alive" is inaccurate on multiple levels. However, she sure missed the boat on Raiders.

Nov 11 - 03:38 AM

Tall Cool One

Tall Cool One !

Raiders of the Lost Ark is my favorite film of all time, but to rail against a critic who'se been dead for years because she didn't like the same movie you did way back in 1981 is retarded. I like it that not everyone likes my favorite movie. That makes it more mine. Not to mention she's dead and that the review was from 30 years ago. I can live with this movie being praised by 94% of the people who reviewed it on here. If it's any comfort, when you log off of here, this film will still be a classic and nobody will even know who Pauline Kael is.

Jan 1 - 06:48 PM

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