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August 7, 2008
August 7, 2007
Yet another social fable about women in distress from Gary Marshall with no foundation in any reality and a mannered, irritating performance from Kate Hudson.
December 6, 2005
October 11, 2004
...a drippy, maudlin, melodramatic, semi-romantic, sometimes comedy.
September 16, 2004
Tries to tell in excruciating detail the stories of at least six characters, but succeeds in showing us they are only cardboard cutouts.
August 28, 2004
August 28, 2004
The latest urban fairy tale from Pretty Woman's Marshall sees the director continue his descent into underwritten schmaltz at the expense of genuine wit and warmth.
August 13, 2004
It's parenthood through rose-colored glasses.
August 8, 2004
Truly means well but, as box office goes, is too condescending and pre-fab to mean very much.
June 28, 2004
...sweet-as-Splenda Garry Marshall pipedream...
June 16, 2004
A gift-wrapped view of pathos -- so sanitized it's almost creepy.
June 15, 2004
This isn't funny enough or dramatic enough.
June 9, 2004
All the adorability in the world can't save Hudson from another plug-ugly comedy.
June 8, 2004
Rich with clichs, predictability, and happily ever afters, the story never ever leaves its comfort zone to challenge the characters and their relationships, to create tension or conflict, or to throw in the proverbial plot twist.
June 7, 2004
Isn?t the best film from Garry Marshall, nor is it the best performance from Kate Hudson, but it certainly is the best they?ve done in a while.
June 7, 2004
[Garry Marshall] piles on the cornball touches with the sledgehammer effect of a bad sitcom director.
June 7, 2004
June 7, 2004
Raising Helen can best be described as Jersey Girl with better acting. The idea isn't that interesting, but at least the people involved seem more committed.
June 5, 2004
June 5, 2004
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