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February 20, 2011
Superb!!!! "Do you see..the wall of isolation?"....bahaa
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February 17, 2011
Wonderfully acted coming of age story for a small family that learns living life has to be taught to the matriarch of the family first. Cute story told from a different perspective than most have live but still a story many will relate to.
½ December 26, 2010
I love the Grandma Ma!! It was pretty cute and funny. I can't tell if it's the 80s, 90s, or 00s, though! But, it doesn't matter. It's an anytime story.
December 22, 2010
This move has no storyline, no point. Maybe we get to see episodic views of Dominican NY, but that's about it. Disappointment.
½ December 18, 2010
Good coming of age story. No easy answers. Just honesty.
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December 2, 2010
Perhaps because I came to this film with very high expectations (96 on the Tomato-meter) I ended up very disappointed, at times wondering, in spite of the very nice performace by the lead, why this film was made?
I mean, what did it have to offer that was original or inventive? Nada.
The film had so much of a been there, seen that, aspect that I became only vaguely interested in the blossoming love story, or in that of any of the other peripheral charactors.

Though real for the most part, I didn't like the way Victor was ridiculed for hanging with a "fat girl", and how Victor later kept making references to his younger sister as "she got fat" said with real derision. While perhaps culturally accurate, perhaps the script would have been better served if the point was for Victor to rise above the obvious - but that would be a totally different (though perhaps better) film.

There were some nice and true moments - the way the female lead used Victor as a "beard" to ward off the advances of other over-agressive males; or the side story of both leads best friends slowly exploring their physicality. However, what is the point - haven't we seen all this before?

It has been said that this film is a "revelation" as far as its portrayal of NYC burough kids - but again - been there, seen that - for example - Summer of Sam.

I dunno, I just couldn't get behind the film. There were too many kind of huh? moments - for example, what the heck is beer doing in the home of Victor's strict grandma - not likely would be an understatement - especially when the apartment only has grandma and three underaged children living in it.
Then there's the family reconcilliation scene where they all go to church and pray that the family stays together - I get the message, you don't have to show grandma and ALL THREE kids buying a candle - boy did that slow down the pacing.

This leads to the ending where Victor tells his girl that the reason he invited her to "his" place for dinner with the family was because he wanted to show her that his family was "who he is"... hmm, ok, I'll buy that, but again, it was just another flat scene that somehow didn't deliver the emotional punch that it should have. Ditto for the entire film unfortunately.
October 30, 2010
I watched this in one of my classes. It's actually pretty boring, but it wasn't that bad.
October 17, 2010
This film is like a really cool mistress who lets you sleep on the bed with your shoes on.
October 10, 2010
the casting for this movie is unsurpassed. Seriously. If you are from NY, you NEEEED to watch this movie.
September 17, 2010
One of my all-time favorite movies...
September 6, 2010
Big Girls need some lovin' too. Funny and at times a bit weird. Typical Latino family. The grandma talks like Miss Swan!
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August 9, 2010
96 on the tomatometer!?!?!

Need to see this...
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August 8, 2010
After watching this film for the second time, my opinion really hasn't changed; still REALLY overrated.
July 15, 2010
I really loved this movie for some reason! I was going through my depressed and lonely phase. Maybe that has something to do with it.
June 13, 2010
A great indie movie about first loves and difficult families
May 18, 2010
A great indie movies that proves that you can be funny and deal with real issues at the same time, something that is rare on the indie movie scene. Shot in a documentary style and starring non actors the film comes across as authentic, a bit like Kids did in the mid 90's but with a more innocent and less pessimestic view, there is no sexually transmitted diseases here. This is a snapshot of a relatively poor latino family but still manages to capture the optomism of being a teenager. A great watch
May 7, 2010
Anyone inner city kid who grew up in a famiky of immigrants can somehow relate to this movie. My neighbor used to put a padlock on her phone so that her grandkids couldn't make a call. I loved this movie! The feelings are so honest. A great film about family and young love..
May 4, 2010
solid, despite not being my cup of tea. That said, I do see hints here that director Sollet would be capable of a film as bad as Nick & Nora.
April 30, 2010
"I'm sorry I called your sister juicy" is probably one of the best lines ever.
Loved this movie. Choice language, for you family types, so be warned.
½ March 27, 2010
this shit is junk or this junk is shit? waste of time
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