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When a fortune is discovered at the bottom of a lake, a diver's out to get it, even when he discovers that the loot's being guarded by an awful underwater beast.
Action & Adventure , Classics , Comedy , Horror
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From the Toxie's Triple Terroe Collection Vol 3. his "film" is a Grade Z classic - I have to laugh when I read other comments of these low,low budget horror/monster movies and people are actually ticked off that they weren't "good" - as if these things could be considered well made, well executed horror films. Example, this thing was shot over the course of a COUPLE DAYS in 1975 using local people with a budget that wouldn't cover a sandwich run to the deli. What do you expect??? But for those twisted ones who enjoy, devour and laugh like crazy at badly made cinema, well, this one is amazing! There is truly Ed Wood type dialogue in this flick - awful, unintentionally hilarious dialogue - in fact the THIRD line of the whole film is "We're so isolated on this island" Yes - now THAT'S exposition! The performances are terrible, the guy playing the crazy Ol' hermit gives a 110% and it is a horrible peice of mugging - he's the kind of cliched crazy old timer who actuallys says "heap o' trouble" THREE times in the course of a minute - I kid you not. You never see the "creature" until WAY near the end and the costume is ridiculous. My friends and I laughed a lot at this piece of trash - so if you're looking for a Sam Raimi or even a John Carpenter - no this is not for you - but if you howl at Ed Woods films and seek out campy trash from the 1970s - then look no further. 1/2 stars 8-17-14

Bruce Bruce
Bruce Bruce

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- A man narrates a childhood story to his present day girlfriend. The story of when he was a young boy living on an island with his ranger father and how he came across a rare prehistoric fossil. That's when the trouble starts. Two anthropologists come to stay with the father and son to study the find. A trio of loggers all of a sudden appear and a strange fisherman has been spotted trolling the waters in the lake on the island. The only other resident of the island (an old drunk hermit) doesn't like all of the recent commotion and tries driving the intruders away, causing trouble throughout the film. He also seems to know a lot about what's going on, but is ignored thought only to be crazy. Things start getting weird on the island as people go missing, unusually large frogs appear out of nowhere and there is an odd feeling swimmers get when they are in the lake. A great story that keeps your interest the entire time. Not a very scary movie, but exciting at times.

Craig Riddle
Craig Riddle

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