Dec 28, 2018
...pure Fritz Lang through and through.
Oct 22, 2011
Rancho Notorious is strange. Peculiar. Outrageous. Utterly distinctive.
Aug 8, 2009
There is a distinct hokeyness about Lang's vision of the West--pancake-flat sets in a generic studio-backlot Western town; giant, abstract crab-colored boulders made out of papier-mache, brazenly unnaturalistic stage-lighting--but it's the ardent phoneyne
May 26, 2006
Because the small budget kept Lang sequestered on the studio lot, he found a way to use the sets for their claustrophobic, caged feel.
Aug 13, 2005
Remarkable Western with a wild mix of themes and styles
Jun 26, 2005
Oct 16, 2004
Cool, way ahead of its day western with Dietrich and her band of baddies.
Sep 5, 2003
Jul 30, 2002
Jan 1, 2000
It's Lang's last Western and one that covers again the themes he successfully used in his noir films...