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December 27, 2011
This was one of those documentaries that was bearable, but still seemed somewhat neutered. I will give props to filmmaker Jesse Moss for at least laying some of his bias aside in search of Republicans in Hollywood for actual documentary material, rather than to promote an agenda. The difference here is that just because someone in Hollywood is Republican, that doesn't mean that they espouse true conservative ideals. For instance, the whole feature is focused heavily on the campaign of Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is a Republican, but not a true conservative. Still, there are plenty of conservative ideals focused on with the likes of Patricia Heaton, Ben Stein, and Drew Carey. It's not the greatest documentary out there, nor the best one to promote conservative principles, but at least it's fairly unbiased.
½ December 22, 2010
Oh, Republicans in Hollywood. How I feel for them, always surrounded by people who didn't vote for a man who strived for a Constitutional amendment to ban gay people from being married. If only they could feel more accepted around people who find it repulsive for them to have voted for that man, who spent $10 billion a month on a war with the same lack of validity as Vietnam, a war purposely sustained by another Republican. I know Republicans. I know a beautiful family of them. And Clint Eastwood is one. They are not innately bad people, but they seem incapable of acknowledging the big picture.

Beautiful Patricia Heaton points out in this moot documentary that Liberals are hypocrites because they claim to fundamentally stand for inclusiveness and acceptance yet they don't seem to have a lot of tolerance for pro-life people. Well, maybe Conservatives are hypocrites because they claim to be so protective of unborn babies but they are actually proud to send hundreds of thousands of young people to suffer, languish and die, even when it means voting for the same people who deny gays and lesbians over 1,000 rights that everyone else in America has.

There is a segment documenting a Christian screen writing lab in Hollywood where screenwriters and telewriters collaborate to exercise their agendas to adjust the media output with which they're involved to suit Christian fundamentalist values. They are interviewed, claiming to be condescended by the masses and to feel like a minority. Christians the minority?

Interviewees like Heaton, Ben Stein, Pat Sajak, Drew Carey, John Milius, the infamously unhinged Vincent Gallo and others don't see the privilege they have, an obscured daypack of exclusive supplies, maps, permission, convention, authorization, and blank checks. (If you didn't understand that last sentence, you're probably not a minority. And if you are a minority, you're probably not a Republican.) They are unconscious of who they oppress when they vote and, in some cases, run for office. They live in a town run by an industry where so many powerful figures are Jewish or gay or both. If you expect to be paid your multi-million- dollar asking price every time you work for someone you subjugate every time you vote, how can you expect them to like your political views? Maybe now you know what "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" feels like.
December 22, 2010
this looks good
arnold shwarzenegger is good
December 22, 2010
This documentary, largely filmed during Arnold Schwarzeneggerâ??s gubernatorial campaign, interviews some of the more prominent Republicans in the film industry. Those featured include Drew Carey, Patricia Heaton, Vincent Gallo, Pat Sajak, and Ben Stein, as well as the director of "Conan the Barbarian." A lot of them complained that it was difficult to have a minority political view in Hollywood, but the documentary pointed out that this rarely affected their careers. Sure, there are times when it might have, but itâ??s not like they and other Republicans havenâ??t managed to achieve success in the industry.
December 22, 2010
Interesting and level-headed documentary manages to simply examine a political phenomena without overtly trying to sway opinions about it. It could have gone a bit deeper, and it did spend too much time with the Schwarzenegger campaign. It would be interesting to see a follow-up film, considering how much has changed in the past 4 years.
½ December 22, 2010
I may not agree with everything that Republicans do, but I don't agree with everything that Democrats do either. This was a really informative and interesting documentary. There are interviews with Republicans involved in the entertainment industry of America such as Drew Carey, Vincent Gallo, Ben Stein, and John Milius among others. There is a common stereotype that Republicans just rant and are always angry. People like Rush Limbaugh certainly don't help this common misconception. I'm happy to see that whole idea done away with completely once the interviewees actually sit down and talk frankly about what life is like in the industry. I also applaud the effort in going so far as to follow the efforts of Arnold Schwarzenegger to become mayor. That was all done very well and was interesting. I liked that Jesse Moss(the director) is a democrat and actually takes the time to unearth these ideas in an honest and hate-free way. It was really nice. The documentary works fine. I hate politics, mainly because I seem to know more about politics than almost everybody around me, so I am not particulerly interested in seeing this again. But it's a solid documentary and it worth checking out for anybody who is interested.
½ June 27, 2009
no wonder the repulbicans are in the minority and this crap doesn't help. Avoid at all cost.
April 18, 2008
Conservatives are evil. Evil.Evil. I don't want to go further into details. It goes to show you, not everyone in hollywood is liberal.
April 7, 2008
Enjoyable and interesting, but it did not focus almost any attention on libertarian Republicans, except Drew Carey. Nontheless, a fun movie to watch, for any Republicans/Libertarians out there.
½ March 18, 2008
I didn't like this film.
June 26, 2007
Now, as you know I cannot vote in this country because I am a fellon (I also cannot read or write) BUT i will tell you that most porn stars are liberal democrats, and that I would not fuck the chick from "everybody loves raymond" if my life depended on it. Also, drew carey will do anything for twenty bucks and a fruit roll up
June 21, 2007
An excellent film about the life of conservatives in a liberal dominated world. Hearkens to mind the liberally dominated universities where conservatives students also feel out of place and in a minority!
½ April 30, 2007
This made-for-cable documentary professes to depict the struggle of the conversative minority in Hollywood, and how being conservative supposedly makes it harder for actors and directors to find work. Most of the film centers on Arnie's run for governor, and the hope his victory brings to many idealistic young right-wingers. This movie is just as polemic and biased as "Fahrenheit 9/11" (a film much more in tune with my political leanings), but I thought it would be fun to hear from the other side. I do not think the documentary makes its case well. Amazingly enough, the director (a self-described independent) comes to the same conclusion at the end of the film, announcing that his next project will be directing a TV commercial for a democratic candidate for office. Interesting, but only just.
½ March 8, 2007
lol i liked this movie
April 25, 2006
i guess i could watch it
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