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July 26, 2017
Absolutely ridiculous mess of comedy, karate, and zombie genres.
July 8, 2016
This was a great kung fu movie.
January 7, 2016
Goofy Gonzo Grindhouse Goodness
November 15, 2015
A truly great, great bad movie! Martial arts vs. zombie ninja, monks, samurai and what have you. Sad looking strippers, cannibal monks, prop swords that bend, and character actors I know but can't name or place where I've seen them without IMDB. An interview with the director reveals that the sequel would've co-starred Johnathan Winters.
½ January 16, 2015
When it comes to sleazy action movies that don't make a lot of sense narratively or even logically, you can't get much better than something like Miami Connection. That's a movie that's just chock full of moments that you leave you questioning the actions of the people who made it. That movie could also pass for a PG rating at times because of how straight-laced it is most of the time. There's no nudity, not too much bad language, and not a lot of over-the-top violence, save for the very end. But on the other end of the spectrum is Raw Force, a movie that's Miami Connection's total opposite with heaping amounts of nudity, bad language, and over-the-top violence. Previously known as Kung Fu Cannibals in the U.S., Raw Force is one of those trashy action movies that's never been given a proper home video release until now. It's one of those hidden gems that if you're a good-bad movie fan, you're going to embrace it with open arms. Not a lot makes sense in Raw Force on not just a story level, but with characters as well. And right off the bat, you know you're in for a good-bad movie when somebody like Cameron Mitchell pops up on the screen, who, in my estimation, is one of the reigning kings of bad movie actors. All you have to do is look up the fantastic trailer for this movie and you'll know exactly what you're in for. This is a movie that's out to satisfy its audience with all of the carnage and nudity that one could hope for in a movie as silly and over-the-top as this one is. As a consequence, it's one of my new favorite good-bad movies.
½ January 11, 2015
Zombies? check. Ninjas? check. Tons of nudity? check. Martial arts and non-stop action? check. Explosions? check. Drunks? check. Machine guns? check. Ancient superstitions? yep. Cameron Mitchell and Hope Holiday? double check. Machine guns and rocket launchers? yeppers. Wacky story that shouldn't work but somehow does? hells yes!
Raw Force is the film every 13 year old boy wanted in the 80s... and it delivers!
January 7, 2015
Based on acting, writing, and production value, this is a terrible movie... But based on entertainment value, it's awesome.
½ December 18, 2014
Lots of nudity, kung fu, zombies, bad dialogue, and VERY cheap effects. This is exactly the kind of stuff you want in this kind of movie. It definitely had enough boobs and kung fu, but it could have used some more zombies and "wow that's bad" kind of moments. I loved the end when the villain jumped in the water only to be eaten by piranhas. If only we had more of those kinds of moments, this might be a cult classic. Instead, it was just kind of walking the fine line between stupid and boring. I enjoyed it though, and you really only need to watch the trailer to know if it's the kind of movie for you or not.
½ December 10, 2014
however cult this movie is supposed to be it's just horrible even for the time period it came out in.
½ September 30, 2014
While it's not a good movie, it scores points for tawdry ambition and kitchen sink plotting. This film is packed with exploitation movie staples:
a weird cult
a martial arts club
a Hitler look-alike
additional nudity
hairy male chests
awkward martial arts
accomplished martial arts
a cruise
lots of shooting
a brothel
white folks stranded on a tropical island
hook-ups and sudden romances

Plus: a bartender who cracks blocks of ice with his head.
May 17, 2014
Group of cruise ship travellers end up shipwrecked on Warriors Island where a group of cannibalistic monks summon buried martial artists as protection. Strangely, this island was on the original cruise schedule and promoted by the tourist agency as an attraction. Earns marks for its truly outlandish premise and Cameron Mitchell--who leads another no-name cast. I wonder if there was ever a role that failed to meet Mitchell's standards. Not surprisingly, this was made in the Philippines.
½ January 25, 2013
Ahoy! Ridiculous film has Cameron Mitchell as the captain of a cruise liner that sets sail from California to a Far East island that is home to a burial ground of disgraced martial artists and inhabited by a bizarre sect of cannibalistic monks who raise the dead warriors from their graves to fight again. Japan understandably bypassed this island on its World War II invasion tour.
January 16, 2013
Fans of bad film, your attention please!

Bizarre 'everything and the kitchen sink' approach has martial arts, zombies (sorta), lotsa boobs and blood all shoehorned into a silly movie about cannibal monks on a remote island.

Such a wacky film, but still manages a lot of fun and plenty of things to poke fun at over a few beers with friends

Worth a look if you know what you're in for.
April 25, 2012
If you are a fan of ridiculously bad movies that do pretty much everything at an arbitrary level, then Kung Fu Cannibals is a film you probably will enjoy. The film has zombies, cannibalistic monks, female slavery, a Hitler wanna be, Gay henchmen and a gratuitous amount of nudity. Oh, and the acting from pretty much top to bottom is terrible as well. It's essentially a mix of sleeze and rather laughable action sequences. While I enjoyed it for what it was, I feel like I was expecting more, given the ridiculous set-up. I don't know.. maybe I am over this sorta thing all together. There really isn't anything else I have to say about this one...
January 8, 2012
Very ludicrous grindhouse exploitation trash with plenty of sleaze and tons of odd moments that ooze hilarity.
June 7, 2011
i would like to buy this movie,raw force
½ April 29, 2010
The secondary villain is a Filipino Hitler with a lazy eye. Everybody important knows martial arts. Monks eat women because it gives them the power to raise their zombie ninja army from the dead. No, it isn't as good as it sounds. Still a lot of fun, though.
April 6, 2010
I bland dyker det upp en film som får en tappa andan,den här pärlan hittade jag på en grindhouse box som jag fått av frugan för nått år sedan.
Första fem minuterna tror man att det är en grisig W.I.P. rulle men snart hajar man att det här är något mycket större, en Hitlerkopia vid namn Speer (nån har tänkt till) dyker upp, det blir lite karate fighter och man får ett kort ögonblick se en kung fu zombie.Sen blir det buskis/glad porr med ett gäng amerikanare med tighta jeans och fluffiga frisyrer, Cameron Mitchell dyker upp, han är full, drar bögskämt, det snuskas och fightas,jag ska inte berätta mer men en annan av många höjspunkter är en fet fillipinare med hjärtan på boxershortsen och hakkorshjälm som bundit fast en blond dam i sängen får spö av en av amerikanarna, det som gör det här så fulländat suveränt är att det är inte "tokroligt", det är inte Troma, det här är action när den är som bäst, har inte sett något liknande sedan Mad Foxes, om du är filmidiot kolla upp, om du är normal håll dig långt långt borta.
Horror Movie Project
Super Reviewer
½ January 25, 2010
Sooooo this is a really weird low budget crap-fest that doesn't let up on its invasion of your attention. This is really a fun movie to watch with friends maybe due to the less than B-Movie acting, or the weird Hitler type villain. I really kind of enjoyed this mad romp. This is my first horror film from the Philippines.

The story line jumps everywhere and it makes this film that much more enjoyable. The movie has something to do with a group of Martial Arts instructors (Douche-bags) on a cruise to Spider Skull island or something like that (Warriors Island). Little do they know that on this island is where a group of really insane, and im talking bat shit crazy, monks control the Zombies of past fierce Martial Arts Warriors. What gets defecated on to film is one and a half hours of Exploitation and general craziness.

If you are a hardcore fan of scary movies this really wont do anything for you as its not very scary and has minimal amounts of fright. It does have buckets of blood and gore and really cheesy kung-fu scenes. All of this + some of the best mustaches on film, give this flick a 5 out of 10.

A Smile a Wink & a Nod

½ December 28, 2009
Uusintakatselu, eikä harmita yhtään! Lajissaan (=roskaelokuva) orgastisen hykerryttävää settiä. Natseja, ihmissyöjämunkkeja, zombeja, ninjoja, T&A:a, discoa: you name it and'll like it! Loppupuoliskolla homma hieman herpaantuu välimallin kung fu:ksi, mutta silti tämä on kerrassaan upea sillisalaatti.

Elokuva löytyy Google Movies -galleriasta ilmaiseksi, katsokaa sieltä, dvd-julkaisua odotellessa...
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